I have news to share.

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User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#11
zUkUu posted...
it's LR obviously. the last info is already 2 weeks old.
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User Info: Stella_Fleuret

4 years ago#12
Reaper_ExE posted...
zUkUu posted...
it's LR obviously. the last info is already 2 weeks old.
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User Info: lostn

4 years ago#13
The scant amount of footage and details released for the game till now (since 2006) leads me to believe the game will not be releasing. It's likely canceled but they're not announcing that until a time when it will least impact stock prices.

If it does come out, it won't be before the PS4.

Games simply shouldn't take this long to make, when 3 FF13 games will have released before Versus. That's just not right. This game is Square's Duke Nukem Forever.

User Info: Hash062

4 years ago#14
The guy at SE who posted that twitter is probably fired by now. No word must ever come out, true or false. That is their ethos.

User Info: CityLumbar

4 years ago#15
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User Info: zUkUu

4 years ago#16
CityLumbar posted...

"We know you want infos, but we don't give a crap."

User Info: Cyber_Boy94

4 years ago#17
Who's going to pick up that phone? BECAUSE I ******* CALLED IT!
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User Info: lostn

4 years ago#18
Let's be realistic. The game is vaporware.

There are two likely scenarios.

1. The game is not being worked on. If it is, it's not a full team. It may be on hiatus, canceled or close to being canceled. If it does come out, it will be on an obsolete console. Its appeal will drop if it's released for PS3 two years after the PS4 has released. How many PS2 games can you name that became blockbusters after the PS3 released?

2. The game is being reworked for PS4. This will mean going over and redoing many things. This process will take a long time. Do not be surprised if it takes all of the entire PS4's lifespan to complete it. Do not be surprised still, if the same dilemma repeats itself: Should we remake it for PS5 instead?

Explain how a game that was announced in 2006 can have taken longer to make than THREE Final Fantasy XIII games, of which the second game (XIII-2) was not even started until XIII was completed, and the third game (Lightning Returns) probably wasn't started until after XIII-2 was done. It's one thing if all three of these games were being developed concurrently, but they were not.

The only logical explanation is that XIII-3 was only ever worked on part time, and never entered full production. In 7 years, all they have shown us is a few trailers. The same trailer a year later was updated slightly to add a few short extra scenes. And then there was one gameplay footage which for all we know may have been mock footage. And then complete radio silence for years. A game that's had 7+ years of development should have more to show for it than this. XIII had more to show than this.

I think this game was put on the back burner long ago. There may have been some skeleton crew working on it, but it was never seriously going to release during this generation of console. Oh and if it ever does release, it will also release on Microsoft's console.

User Info: gamewarrior88

4 years ago#19
Honestly, I feel this game is in perpetual limbo for the foreseeable future. FF14 and it's wreck of a release totally destroyed the flow of things at SE....and for whatever reason, instead of moving on from said failure, they decided to "save face" by improving it for a better reception (perhaps to save their own dignity) to the exclusion of other projects.

Perhaps that's why they are churning out these half-baked FF13 sequels since they largely feed off a system that's already established and therefore don't take much to make. Because a lot of time has gone by since Versus was announced, at this point I have a feeling whatever the product becomes will be most likely fed into a future project, such as FF15 for example.

Even if it actually is released, it more than likely won't be able to meet expectations thanks to the massive hype that the game has built among the fan-base, esp. those who view Versus as a "final ultimatum" of sorts. That can't be helped of course due to all the time it has sat in limbo, but then again how SE has handled the development of this and other projects has been a big part of that.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to management and good business...and SE has been anything but that of late.
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