Lightning voted BEST Female FF character of all time.

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User Info: DarkKnightCessi

4 years ago#71
PostDisaster posted...
DarkKnightCessi posted...
The only exposure I have to her is Dissidia. I saw nothing that made me want to play her games. Not one thing. For good measure I went and read some reviews and watched some gameplay vids of XIII on youtube and saw further that there was nothing that drew me to her or the game.

Further proof of SE making her bigger than she's worth is the second Dissidia. She's basically the main character (or the one showcased as the leader). It makes sense with WoL in the first Dissidia because he represents the first Final Fantasy. He's special. Lightning was just the latest. Once the next new character (I guess that would be Noctis) comes she'll be the same as every other character. It left me with the feeling that they felt if they beat us over the head with her enough people would become enamored with her we might go buy her game.

Maybe it's cause of the excruciatingly long dev time but I cannot see Noctis or Versus getting the same attention as Lightning. Will it get more "positive" attention? Maybe. But MOAR attention seems like a steep climb considering Lighting has 3 games (practically dominating a whole colsole gen) and a prominent role in Dissidia 2.

Not saying she is deserving of it, but Noctis has a lot of ground to cover to catch up.

He will have a hard time. They've been promoting Lightning and her series like crazy. Which is strange to me because when I was reading reviews for the first game it had many low scores. And the ones that I read, Lightning was never mentioned as a good character. Only Sazh. Maybe the other games have gotten better?

But I don't mind if he's more popular as long as the game turns out good. *crosses fingers*
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