Describe your own perfect vision of Final Fantasy Versus XIII!

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User Info: Panda_Kun

4 years ago#21
zUkUu posted...
am I the only one who thinks that Ignis looks extremely like Ryan Phillipe?

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User Info: marko7

4 years ago#22
Panda_Kun posted...
zUkUu posted...
am I the only one who thinks that Ignis looks extremely like Ryan Phillipe?

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User Info: PainsPerception

4 years ago#23
DmC and Metal Gear Rising gameplay mixed with KH user interface.
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User Info: Crunchy_Nuts

4 years ago#24
I hope the gameplay plays like a mixture of FIFA 07 and Dirge of Cerberus.

User Info: DarkKnightCessi

4 years ago#25
I miss the "feeling" of the ps1 FFs.

I want a big world to explore with lots of secrets/sidequests. Villages full of people that have well-written dialog.

I want the summon monsters to not look robotic. Also, it'd be neat if they would play a role in the story somehow and make them hard to find and give them personalities. Not idiotic, cliched personalities either. It would be neat if there was a partnership between player and eidolin that grew the more the player uses it. I'm not talking about VIII's Juction system exactly. It wouldn't have anything to do with leveling up. There would be more of a benefit. Like the closer they are the stronger the eidolin's attack. It could teach you special magic or physical attacks. Or even more practical things like the flyers could let their players ride them around the world map. Maybe we could find out more of the eidolin's "lives". I mean what do the do when they are not being summoned. Anyway it would be neat to me if they played larger role in the story.

I'd like a place like the Golden Saucer with interesting games.

I want it to be challenging with a good battle system. I want each character to have somethings special that only they do. I do want everyone to be able to use magic and summon tho. Maybe something like even tho everyone can use magic, mages would be more powerful. Team-up attacks would be cool. The stronger the bond between characters the stronger the attack.

I want a story that has characters with strong bonds, but I don't want any romance. More character interactions would be great. You could choose through the interactions to be close to the other characters or not. And branching storylines. Different paths for different characters or choices you make throughout the game.

Interesting characters!
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User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#26
How bout it being playable? So that I can move on from AC3 and DS2
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User Info: Sin_Harvester

4 years ago#27

^ This
Tales of Graces F. It IS actually great !!!

User Info: theofficefan99

4 years ago#28
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User Info: Sephiroth C Ryu

Sephiroth C Ryu
4 years ago#29
Basically, Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3/Kingdom Hearts style of game.

That is, a relatively in-depth action RPG system with a pair of AI companions helping out by controlling two of the other characters. But not too in-depth. I don't want a Vagrant Story, even one updated to more modern convenience standards.

As for actual story and world-feel, something like Final Fantasy 9's world would be nice.

Wouldn't be a bad thing if they brought back a traditional world map. If anything, doing so would let them focus more on towns, locations, dungeons, optional areas, and the like. Because they wouldn't have to design and populate every single path leading between all these places.
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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#30
1.) Combine elements from FF1-FF14:ARR and KH.
2.) Dragoon Lady is playable.
3.) Best FF game of all time.
4.) That GTA feel when driving a car or flying an airships.
5.) Lightning is in this game v.i.a DLC.
6.) We can destroy buildings.
7.) One epic fight in the air with Noctis flying...
8.) Noctis can fly.
9.) Can change to first person like KH2. Might be useless but very helpful for shooter.
10.) Airships battles.
11.) More open world than 12.
12.) More futuristic than XIII.
13.) Game of the year.
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