The level of shadiness SE is reaching makes me worry about Versus

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  3. The level of shadiness SE is reaching makes me worry about Versus

User Info: ZanarkandZ

4 years ago#1
SE nowadays tries to suck as much money as they can without effort, everyone knows that, FFXIV was a quick cash-in, FFXIII-2 + DLCs was worth about $100, all the repackaging the old school final fantasies were submitted to, etc etc..

Last week Final Fantasy All The Bravest was released, and it seems from the reviews that it is the peak of this business strategy. A game that requires almost no input from the player (the characters auto-attack with no strategy whatsoever), "phoenix downs" must be bought with real money, and characters are worth $0.99 and random. Even IGN states "DONT BUY THIS GAME".

This worries me about Versus XIII a great deal. We've been waiting for 7 years for this game and SE never cared about quenching the thirst for info the fans have, and I'm fearful that they'll try to exploit the demand for this game with DLCs. If they managed to make FFXIII-2 DLC almost as expensive as the game itself, imagine how far they can go with Versus, a game that they already know it has a high demand ("were saving this game for when there's a need for a classic final fantasy"). DLC costumes, DLC weapons, DLC armors, DLC areas, DLC secret characters, etc etc...

Here's the destructoid review of All The Bravest (that makes pretty explicit the "tactics" SE uses to make gamers spend even more money):
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User Info: wafflepitarm

4 years ago#3
Dont bother. They dont care about the superior Versus on here. They only care about stupid Lightning.

User Info: kingrat2314

4 years ago#4
Yep, XIV was such a quick cash in that they lost a bunch of money and decided to redo the entire game from the ground up.
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User Info: Lebreau_

4 years ago#5
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User Info: Cyber_Boy94

4 years ago#6
They can't be as bad as Capcom
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User Info: gamewarrior88

4 years ago#7
Versus has a lot of potential to be something unprecedented. Reading up on the type of things Nomura and his team are trying to do in Versus leaves me with some optimism (note that a lot of it has been trounced of late) that the future could have some life for SE. Still, I share your sentiment that SE's latest business model doesn't look promising (All the Bravest now stands as the worst reviewed title now, right?). At this point, there isn't much else to do except wait for more news...if it ever comes. Many have given up though, and with the way SE has acted towards it's fans, especially with this latest debacle, I can't say I blame them.
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#8
SE isn't really shady. They are as transparent as any business out there. You got do what you got to do make money. No business organization is out to be a charity group or consumer's best buddy. They are out to hustle like many companies are. Thus they are easy to read and figure out.

As much as jilted fans try to vilify them, SE been mostly fair when it comes DLC prices. I don't really know much about this All the Bravest stuff, but the DLC in Duodecim and FFXIII-2 were mostly fair and nonessential. FFXIV was their attempt to replicate FFXI success. They just botch the job and are now making up for it. FFXI proved to be very lucrative.

That aside DLC are no different than any Final Mixes and International version. The only difference they have is that us westerners won't get screwed out of the extra content. We can choose to buy the stuff we want.
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User Info: zUkUu

4 years ago#9
lol @"DLC in 13-2" non essential.

made my day.

User Info: marko7

4 years ago#10
zUkUu posted...
lol @"DLC in 13-2" non essential.

made my day.

"Mostly fair and nonessential"

Seriously, learn to read.
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  3. The level of shadiness SE is reaching makes me worry about Versus

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