Sony's big reveal on Feb. 20th

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User Info: PostDisaster

4 years ago#31
There is nothing wrong with buying a system for a game. Heck, I ran out and bought a PS3 for FF13 (no regrets lol)

What is...interesting is buying a system for a game know...non existent. So yeah, if you bought a PS3 for Versus than shame on you.

User Info: gamewarrior88

4 years ago#32
PostDisaster posted...
gamewarrior88 posted...
Dark_Mage_Xelin posted...
I wonder what PS4 game SE will announce (and possibly release) before we even see Versus again.

Hope's Gran Adventure: Final Fantasy XIII

after "The Second Coming: Lightning- Her g*ddessness Fulfilled"

Ah, of course. Oops, just seemed to have passed that while looking at the list. Then again, you will forgive me since the previous installments seemed fulfilled enough.
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User Info: kenshee1111

4 years ago#33
Didn't someone of SE say a while ago they were annoyed (used different words obviously) that the new gen was taking so long?

Maybe they switched to ps4 development as soon as sony gave them an idea of what to expect, and they'd been given cause to think this wouldn't force them into silence about versus for this long...

I mean really, looking at that january 2011 trailer, and not even seeing a single screenshot since then? I know this has been discussed to death by people here who follow this news much more closely than I do, but still, this is my theory until someone pokes enough holes into it to convince me otherwise :)

Come to think of it, what if A Realm Reborn is also supposed to get a ps4 version?
I could imagine an MMO with visuals like that, tweaked for the ps4 version and available close to the launch of the new console would be a very smart move for them.

This is pretty much the only way I can understand SE not making any console games aside from XIII spinoff/sequels: they jumped ship to next gen a little too early.
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User Info: ForevAlone

4 years ago#34
Versus might become a launch title for the ps4. I dont mind anyway since I didnt buy the ps3 for versus, and i will also buy ps4 for all the exclusive it's gonna get (GoW 4, Uncharted 4).
If they announce ps4 on Feb 20th it means the console has been in development for several years, it's not surprise if somehow got the dev kit for ps4 early and decide to switch versus to ps4.

User Info: najzere

4 years ago#35
Rose_of_May posted...
MoogleHunter posted...
Cyber_Boy94 posted...
The Last Guardian and Versus moved to PS4 as launch titles? I'll pick up a PS4 at launch if that happens.

Yet people bought a PS3 just for Versus. Ironic. I hate SE.

Not me. I bought a PS3 because I'm a PlayStation fan, though my love for the brand has diminished some this gen.

Really? This gen was awesome to be a PS3 owner. Almost as good as it was to be PS2 owner.
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