Anyone just not care anymore?

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User Info: DarkKnightCessi

4 years ago#11
I still care. I haven't been following it as closely as some tho.
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User Info: heartlesshero17

4 years ago#12
reno385 posted...
At this point I really don't care. I'm only here because I'm bored and trying to kill some time and the internet places I usually go to are dead. Hey everyone :D

Aren't we all here to kill time?
I'll eat a sock if VersusXIII is actually a mind blowing game.

User Info: PillsberyDoeMan

4 years ago#13
DarkKnightCessi posted...
I still care. I haven't been following it as closely as some tho.

there ain't much to follow.
impatiently waiting on versus xiii... -> EDIT: not so much anymore... (4/28/11)
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User Info: Josh_the_White

4 years ago#14
PainsPerception posted...
I care, but....not as much anymore.

My sentiments exactly.
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User Info: theofficefan99

4 years ago#15
PillsberyDoeMan posted...
DarkKnightCessi posted...
I still care. I haven't been following it as closely as some tho.

there ain't anything to follow.

"Dyin' is easy. It's the livin' that's hard..." Grim Reaper, Maximo vs. The Army of Zin

User Info: Graham_Chapman

4 years ago#16
test_genisis posted...
We don't even know anything about it, the graphics aren't nearly as impressive now in the trailers that we got as they were back then, the gameplay looks slightly clunky to be honest (and i know the games progressed a lot clearly but still) ...Granted a lot of this information is more than a bit old and any number of things might've changed by now, but if this info is to be taken into consideration it's gravely incorrect of you to say that we don't know anything about it... As for the graphics, I still think they look top-notch, and they probably haven't gotten any worse during development. Aaand gameplay... I honestly don't quite know what you're referring to as looking "clunky". I mean, it can't be the character's animations... can it?

It looks like a console Crisis Core/wannabe Kingdom Hearts

So you're saying it looks like a hybrid of one of the best received PSP games combined with a largely well received game series... and you're trying to make that sound like a bad thing? ...Nothing you see is ever 100% original, you know. Best case scenario something can be a combination of several good things. What you're saying would be tantamount to criticizing StarCraft because it "looks like a RTS Alien vs Predator/wannabe War Craft". Legitimate criticism doesn't work that way.

And what we know about the story is nothing to get overly excited about anyway, im sure it will be good when it finally does come out, but it wont be worth the wait

What are you comparing to? ...I mean, you have to have a standard by which you measure FFvsXIII's story to in order to reach that conclusion with, right? Some kinda story scenario that makes you lose your breath and control of your sphincter at the same time from just hearing about the basic premise of it. Go on, share with us the story premise that you'd get overly excited about.

The more time goes on, the less im getting ****** off about it, and the more im just starting to feel "meh"

I understand your sentiments and I had an advice for you: Either give up on vsXIII and stop paying it attention, period. (Or at least until it, potentially, manages to reel you back in again.) Or simply endure the wait... I've decided to endure. It's a bit emotionally painful and frustrating but I've realized, sad as it sounds, that I simply cannot let go.

Anyone else agree with me? I mean after all this its impossible for this game to not be disappointing to some degree no matter how good it is

No game is perfect, every game has its flaws, thus it's inherent that games come with slight disappointment. Then again, humans are imperfect, too, so as long as a game isn't a complete train-wreck a person here and a person there will look upon it and declare it "perfect", because in their eyes it is... Sorry, lapsed into navel contemplation there.

User Info: liamx2000

4 years ago#17
I don't care anymore about this game , when it arrives it will arrive ( if it arrives)
If you want a good rpg then get ni no kuni , it's just amazing , I remember when square-enix could make games like that but not anymore.

User Info: TehPwnzerer

4 years ago#18
Dude I gave up on this game and have since forgotten its existence about 2 years ago. When it was first announced I was 15 still in high school. Now I'm married with 2 kids and a mortgage. I don't know any other game that has taken this long to get made and it's an insult to gamers everywhere to keep parading around like it's still in development. I hate them for this. It's a sick, cruel joke.

User Info: Stella_Fleuret

4 years ago#19
I feel you, TC; I feel the same pretty much.

Thus & I pay more attention on anime/manga or some other games.
Official Stella Nox Fleuret of Gamefaqs.
"As you sow, so shall you reap."
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