Post your excuse for why Versus is taking so long

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User Info: SugarBoogers

4 years ago#11
Noctis and Nomura are engaged in an everlasting battle. Noctis asserts that his game should be glorious and climactic and enclose his full adventure. Nomura wants to stretch a short plotline across many more games than is necessary. Knowing better than to let himself follow Lightning and Sora down the road of stories that are much shorter than their game lengths would indicate, Noctis can never stop fighting.
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User Info: Toxic_Berry

4 years ago#12
Everyone in SE is taking to much toxic berries!
Its toxic berry time!

User Info: Awesomebrand

4 years ago#13
Nomura is displeased with the product as it is. Eventually Sakaguchi is going to roundhouse kick Nomura and many other talentless hacks out of Square Enix and take over, join together with Platinum Games, and revive the game as Final Fantasy XV : Reversus.

User Info: Stella_Fleuret

4 years ago#14
Maybe they want to pass the title of the 'most waited' FF.
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#15
The internet
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User Info: jmichaelbp

4 years ago#16
They are waiting for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to team up and make a console.
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User Info: Asd202

4 years ago#17
They thought they could make a good HD rpg but then it was s*** :).

User Info: marko7

4 years ago#18
Fat Chocobo ate Square Enix and is now trolling us all with his life sized puppet dolls of various SE staff by giving us XIII-3 and XIV v2.0
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User Info: ThirdAwakening

4 years ago#19
Sakaguchi is too busy making Party Wave to care about making a legitimate title.

User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#20
Nomura is on the beach smoking some good weed.
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  3. Post your excuse for why Versus is taking so long

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