Civil Discussion on a Potential Fan Translation of Japanese-Only Versus XIII

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User Info: DoctorCrabMD

4 years ago#11
How is translating a game from one language to another "screwing with someone's work?" Since fan translations aren't sold for profit either this argument makes even less sense.

In language classes people often have to translate pieces of famous works. So are these students / teachers and schools in general being unethical and disrespectful?

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#12
To Mr. DoctorCrab MD,

Works read in the classroom are usually extremely older works, such as the Illiad or Inferno, who have no living estate to claim copyright to. Most other works were either translated lawfully (at least within whatever patent law involved).

The teachers and students themselves don't even translate or profit by buying these translated works which are probably sanctioned anyways.

I am not disagreeing with your point but your example is probably not the best one to use.

To Mr. zUkUu,

Depending on the copyright of the game, you may not actually be buying the game. I know for a fact that modern games don't sell you the game. You are simply buying a license to play that game. Look on the back of your game covers and you'll see this is just a license and not the game itself. I am not sure if this is the case for movies but I am leaning towards it is not. But because it is simply a license, then the owner and regulator of it has every right to deny you access to it if you violate their EUA or whatever.

Then we enter international trade and patent agreements and so forth once it involves another country.

User Info: Ecclesiastes273

4 years ago#13
ITT: Gamers still not understanding that releasing translations and/or encouraging pirated copies of games doesn't notably reduce the demand if/when that game is released in that region in the future, especially in NA/EU. We're not talking Brazil or the Phillipines.

Sure, you get anomalies like Tales of Phantasia's global fan translation efforts suggesting to Namco that it could be a popular franchise outside of Japan when they apparently didn't think so, but for the most part, it's all piracy in the eyes of the developer/publisher. C/D letters go out for a reason. Whether it screws with the developer's "work" is its own debate, but there is definite screwing going on with the profit potential. That said, doing this with Type-0 is somewhat different than having a translation of Vs13 ready to go.

Possibly hypocritically, I have much less of a problem with someone who buys a copy and plays a patched ISO or what have you on the side, but I'm pretty sure we can all realize that that's a minority situation, even when the game is released in the region to a lesser extent.

I have translated ROMs. I had FFV before the GBA version came out, because wow was the PS1 version a chore to play. I have Bahamut Lagoon, Shin Megami Tensei, Energy Breaker, Madou Monogatari, and something else I forget. Those are games I basically cannot buy through reasonable means, to the point that I'm not sure I could give the companies money for those games directly at all. I also have an interest on how those older games are translated through hacking. I skipped Monster Hunter Portable 3rd because it didn't come out in the US, and I LOVED the game before it, Freedom Unite. I don't have any drive towards games I can't physically buy, so it's no loss for me if a game doesn't come here for a while or ever.

tl;dr no thanks, but I don't care enough to tattle to SE about all the mean hackz0rz encouraging piracy. I couldn't care less in practice, though the mouths of gamers manage to astound me once again. If you are going to play a fan translation, at least by a damned copy and support the company who made the game you're playing.
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#14
It would be nice, but the fact is, the PS3 hacking scene is too private for the fans to get anything done. It's all about profit. On the PSP/Vita scene, it is about giving people freedom to do what they will with the product they bought. If the PS3 "hackers" weren't so greedy in sharing information then we would be able to work together like on the PSP scene.
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User Info: GigaGaia

4 years ago#15
How about you let it come out in japan first before talking about that. Although, that won't be an issue since this is certainly gonna come out in the west.

Type-0 isn't coming out because of the PSP, but Vs13 will undoubtely come out.
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User Info: abnergoinbig

4 years ago#16
I'm sure this will lead to a huge petition. Over hundred thousands of signatures will be on that for sure.

User Info: The_Lost_Sabre

4 years ago#17
hotgamer posted...
Type-0 isn't coming out because of the PSP

Vita as well if Sony doesn't kick their high horse in gear into seriously marketing it. Not sure what to say about SE since I don't concretely remember facts about their financial situation but with all (mostly) hands on deck for XIV Reborn and LR, there isn't much else to talk about with SE. Pity. :[
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