One Million Haikus For Versus XIII Before E3

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User Info: peonus

4 years ago#11
His girth is massive
A buster sword, more like a....
Tiny butter knife

But anyways, Versus
This game looks sick, dark and sleek
In Roen fashion

Let's hope Nomura
Restrains himself from using
So many zippers

Belts are awesome though
Makes me feel a breeze around
And between my legs

Please, Versus Board, rise
Write haikus on anything
Let loose your mind, gents.

User Info: S1-Winged_Angel

4 years ago#12
You need to stop.

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#13
You can not stop me
A million haikus shall flood
This board 'til E3

Do you fear the blocks?
The jagged chunks of texts, S?
You are no angel

You say you have wings
But I see much cowardice
I don't tolerate

Full moon in the sky
Stella stands in a freeway
Waiting for Noctis

Then they look, engage
Drawing their blades, backed by runes
Are they L'Cie? Nah.

But Etros watches
Thinking, waiting, looking for
The Prince desired

User Info: SoulMikeY

4 years ago#14
darth_fenrir posted...
Chris's buster sword
Perhaps too big to handle
Hope he does not die


User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#15
43/1,000,000 you can do it

43 haikus
nearing one million count
versus will be mine

edit: 44/1,000,000
"Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It's Undeniable."
Self Proclaimed Matt of your board

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#16
A hundred haikus
Is hard enough to write, man
Time's not on our side

Tidus and Yuna
Is the only true pairing
Their love is so pure

User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#17
Digs eyes out with a butter knife
Claws at head till flooded with blood
The hell did I just waste my time reading

"I fight.... FOR THE USERS!"
PSN = Ace_ExE85

User Info: iambasho

4 years ago#18
Reaper E X E,
You should be happy that ye
Came across this thread.

Now join us in this
Quest to celebrate our hopes
For Versus Thirteen.

I am hoping that
We get a new trailer of
Versus this E3

And not another
Brush off please wait a bit more,
Because that would suck.

Hopes for F F Type-0
Are looking quite grim,

But there is still hope
That S E will come around
And give us that game.

There, peonus, I
Added 7 haikus to
Your thread. Happy now?
The world you see with your eyes may well differ completely from the one I see with mine. There are as many worlds as there are observers-Doreen, Chrono Trigger

User Info: lonelyhero24

4 years ago#19
Thy lone has return
Seeing one brilliant, peonus
Though one might forget

He will not stay long
For just like Nomura, sigh
I have forgotten thus

The Beauty, Versus
will out shine XIII one day
Thus I will return
(Spoiler Alert!) Kingdom hearts is Light (End of spoiler)

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#20
I have no breakfast
It is morning here, cloudy
Versus 13 where?
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