One Million Haikus For Versus XIII Before E3

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User Info: CokaineCowboy77

4 years ago#31
We're getting there slowly,
But slowly we shall,
My toes have gone mouldy,
From this Versus thrall.

Peonus I salute you,
For this fatefull task,
Versus has stood,
Now take of the mask
XIII= S***

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#32
I don't double post
I cannot write Haikus if
I am the last post

So please, write haikus
Post them here for all to love
No one is perfect

Some like Stella's nose
Others love her fashion, her dress
Some want it off her

I personally
Think she is the best girl
And only girl

Wait, Dragoon Lady
Forgot about her just now
That stripper pole lance

User Info: CokaineCowboy77

4 years ago#33
Dragoon Lady, yes
She is undoubtedly best,
Can we see her breasts?

Versus; it's time
To open up,
E3, we have, with luck.

So here I serve you Peonus,
As your faithful line-breaker
Have faith and thank the Maker
XIII= S***

User Info: TOG218

4 years ago#34
peonus posted...

But anyways, Versus
This game looks sick, dark and sleek
In Roen fashion

this is not haiku
only should have used seven
now back to Versus...

edit: I meant five
I now feel quite foolish, bleh
NOW back to Versus...
(PSN/XBL/Steam:) TOG218; (Wii Friend:) 0713 3346 2299 8284

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#35
My apologies TOG
You are right, six when seven
Was the right number

Thank you Cowboy friend
Who shall break my lines for me
You are nice person

Do you have a cat?
I like dogs, but they poop much
Pebbles and tree trunks

Yes, Dragoon lady best
Well dressed, with large supple breasts
I want see them too

One day soon, my friends
We shall reach a million poems
Well, I mean haikus

The Japanese are
Quite the interesting race
With their choice of porn

Schoolgirls and moms
Stella and Dragoons in tights
Fighting Prince Noctis

User Info: iambasho

4 years ago#36
Haikus to hentai?
What an odd topic this is
Though I guess that's nice.

I wonder what else
We might hope to see at the
Convention E3

Will the Kingdom Hearts
Of the 1 point 5 H D
Be officially

Announced for the world
Out of the greedy island
We know as Japan?

Or will they decide
To keep it as well for them
And not for the rest?

Though I doubt these thoughts,
I am now simply rambling
In the haiku form.

For while I may not
Make much sense in these poems,
It is rather fun.

Peonus, my friend,
Is it possible for you
To use max letters,

And/or characters,
in a single haiku post?
That would be awesome.

(If I counted right,
There are 99 haikus.
Will the goal be made?)
The world you see with your eyes may well differ completely from the one I see with mine. There are as many worlds as there are observers-Doreen, Chrono Trigger

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#37
Haikus take from me
A great deal of effort
Alone, I cannot

A million haikus
Seems so distant and far off
But close in numbers

Friends, gather your pens
Think, crave and consider all
Poems in the shower

I like reading books
There are pretty cool readings
Like those For Dummies

Hundreds of chickens
A great mount of sweet bacon
With a slice of steak

Curry shall be smeared
Over the chests of our foes
And our prostitutes

Imagine dear friends
Tifa dripping wet and hot
In sweet, sweet curry

Yuna would suffice
If Tifa was not ready

Yuna's cute raiments
Reminds me of kimonos
Can see her bra line

Tidus got lucky
When he made out with her once
Seymour got there first

That wedding scene, man
Still bothers me to this day

User Info: CokaineCowboy77

4 years ago#38
Yes, I have a cat
Which I always like to pat
I also have dogs

Oh, holy Dragoon
We worship you as kin, see?
But more than the sea

Yet closer still, no?
Nomura, open the doors
Let versus flood high
XIII= S***

User Info: marko7

4 years ago#39
You all love bacon
Don't lie, you all love bacon
Bacon bacon NOM
Ruler of the FF Agito XIII Boards 2011-2012
The Official Creator of the Noctis Orgy on the FF Versus XIII Boards

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#40
Tidus didn't acts
Watched speechless next to Lulu
As Seymour's mouth went

Hello Kitty game
This is a better topic
But it's a hard life

Man Rikku is cute
She was perky and pretty
And she was Al Bhed

Do her in front of
Her brother and her father
Screaming "FOR SPIRA!"

Wear a great red cap
A golden helmet and shield
Kick them down a well

But alas, Lulu
Truly the finest of them
With her twin assets

Wakka, Wakka... how?
How in the world did you
Manage to tap that?

Was it because you
Resembled your long dead bro?
Cause Tidus did too

Sweet agony, Lord!
How I wished back then for just
A chance at Lulu

A black dress, magic
Mature and moody, civil
But damn, lots of belts

Maybe she's into
That sort of play and fun times
I don't judge her taste

Wouldn't mind at all
If she went and belted me
I would take it all

But the thing about
Summons being characters
That's a cool idea

I mean, really, Square
That was the golden age of
Final Fantasy

Why can't you guys just
Get back in that mode? Too hard?
Hire back those guys

There's that one old guy
Who made Last Story and stuff
Forgot his name, meh

What about that dude
Who wrote all those awesome songs?
Chase of the Highway?

Well, you still got some
Like Nomura and Wada
But **** Wada, man

I just want to see
You guys make a good game soon
Dark, magic, modern

Steampunk, great genre
Fantasy without orcs, elves
Has sexy girls

Oh man, the girls
Make sure they're so elegant
The moon bows to them

I like Stella lots
She's perfect, like an idol
Idolmaster's cool

You guys should rethink
A-K-B-4-8 to make
The versus soundtrack

When will you guys show
Versus in all its glory?
Waited seven years

I was in high school
All the way back then, so long
Now looking for job

Is it so wrong, Square?
I don't like your new model
Around mobiles

Cellphones games are cool
Don't get me wrong, they're okay
But they are not great

You need to focus
On one great game at a time
Like those Atlus guys

By the way, Atlus
About Persona 5...where?
For me, Atlus pls

But yeah Square look, bro
We go way back, PlayStation
Was sexy back then

Still a bit sexy
But thought it looked like a can
That you throw stuff in

Damn, Versus looks cool
The Tokyo skyline and ships
Armored guys with guns

I want to know why
This game has took you so long
Maybe you'll explain

But I thought it, Square
You're secretive and shady
And losing money

That FF 14
A bad idea to hire
Chinese programmers

Chocobos became
Horse-birds, that was disgusting
Wada, please resign please

But comeon Wada
I didn't really mean quit
Just get on your game

Takes note from the West
But not like Call of Duty
A rehash each year

F.F.'s different
You make new story, world
And it looks damn cool

Perhaps you should DOA
Dead or Alive it

Use your excellent
Graphics, soundtracks and physics
Piss off feminists

Please Wada, please man
Type-Zero needs some lovin'
Hogwarts for Jap kids

Fighting to save Earth
Or whatever they call it
Ivalice, Spira

That's all cool and stuff
You know, pizza pizza cake
Wakka no Wakka

Ni no Kuni is...
Makes you feel like you're in a
Miyazaki film

Better get on that, Square
Make us feel like Disney films
Kingdom Hearts 3 Where?
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