One Million Haikus For Versus XIII Before E3

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User Info: CokaineCowboy77

4 years ago#41
Peonus it's strange;
We have so much in common
With Lulu and all

Never too much belts
She trully is a goddess
But still not Shiva

Sexy ice goddess
When will you make your return?
In Versus, perhaps?

Carbuncle as well
He's like a little plushie
So cute rawr rawr rawr

And close runner-ups
Are Diablos and Odin
Dat epicness, yo
XIII= S***

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#42
Needs to be more like
The Shiva goddess from 8
Practically nude

User Info: Tixus

4 years ago#43
A game, disappeared
No hints, and no evidence
Gone without a trace

What is this Versus?
Are you playing the badguy?
I don't use Google!

Final Fantasy
With a modern storyline
As an action game

Early promises
of pilot-able airships
drew me to this game

"What is the difference
Between XIII and Versus?"
Asked 2006.

"What is the difference
Between XIII and Versus?"
--also '07.

It took three years
To finish the main outfit
We're in for a wait.

Is it exclusive?
No, it will go multiplat!
Just wait and you'll see!

Hey, you idiot!
You don't offer a source, fool.
PS3 only!

But it's obvious.
It will be on 360,
Just like XIII was.

But Nomura said:
"Only can the PS3
handle the graphics"

But Square wants money
They're a greedy company
Wada will decide.

No, Nomura will.
It is his game, after all
Otherwise, he'll leave

if they dumb down the
graphics for the 360
i will boycott this

JVII was funny
(I pronounce it as: "JAY-VEE")
What happened to him?

What's up with this wait?
Forever has a new name!
Sorry, Duke Nukem.

I was in high-school
When this game was first announced
Just finished college.

Forget about this
All signs point to a reboot
Old fans will complain
So, the hunter has become the huntress.

User Info: CokaineCowboy77

4 years ago#44
Ah, yes FFVIII
How underrated you are
My first, beloved

Naked Shiva, yes
Looking back, I realize
I truly love you

FFVIII, to you;
I bestow upon you this;
A higher rank here: >>
XIII= S***

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#45
A handful of dust
Eliot was far before
Versus is Shakespeare

User Info: TOG218

4 years ago#46
We need more haiku
This topic is refreshing
let the games begin

barely got a small update
better than screenshot?

Very bored in class
would rather get Versus news
A guy can dream, eh?

I am kinda hungry
Wonder how chocobos taste...
prolly like chicken

They'd be better pets
Cute when they're small; useful, big
like Sazh's small friend

out of ideas...
(I'd love to see more FF)
quite entertaining.
(PSN/XBL/Steam:) TOG218; (Wii Friend:) 0713 3346 2299 8284

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#47
Perfume for a game
Not even close to release
Guys, need more haikus

User Info: Sir_Tom_Jones

4 years ago#48
The games we get
Not the ones we want
Lightning dominates
Square Enix SUX!!!!
- 'You load 16 tons of GameFaqs users and whaddaya get?' - Im da elevator guy in gangnam style.

User Info: iambasho

4 years ago#49
peonus posted...
46 haiku long post

Oh s*** Peonus,
You actually did it
Basho be impressed.

When I tried to quote
This awesome beast of haikus
GameFAQs just went "lol"

And it told me that
It went over the limit
By 9-5 letters

I tip my hat, sir,
Or I would if I owned one,
For 'twas amazing.

You have earned the right
For this following song to
Be your lifelong theme.
The world you see with your eyes may well differ completely from the one I see with mine. There are as many worlds as there are observers-Doreen, Chrono Trigger

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#50
Forty six haikus
Was no easy task, I swear
But Versus.... EZ

Your theme song, Basho
It's quite the musical score
Where's my quickening?

I am not quite sure
What quickening really is
But they sure look cool

Leap into battle
One of wit and short haikus
Let Sqar know our voice!

Sqar pls, show Versus
No more Lightning, no more Hope
Okay with nude Snow

Snow is too good for
That one jail bait that cries

I mean it was cool...
Way, way back never I mean
Death comes in two strikes
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