One Million Haikus For Versus XIII Before E3

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User Info: CokaineCowboy77

4 years ago#51
Bumping this topic
Reviving this gastly feat
No decent topics

Peonus join me
Our jouney begins anew
For Versus we shall

Keep fightning onwards
Such a gastly feat this is
Let's do this brothers

Just think of Shiva
When you are getting tired
And you'll be revived

Or think of Auron
If you swing the other way
Okay to be gay.
XIII is...just terrible.

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#52
Finally someone
Bumps this topic so I may
Continue haikus

I don't commit shame
And double post after me
Need a line breaker

I commit haikus
For the cause of Versus and
All it stands for now

It's a memory
A dream of what could be it
Game worth fighting for

Sorry, Mulan thing
Love that movie, might due to
I am Chinaman

But hell, Sony thing
May announce some info there
It's good for world

But alas if not
At least we still have this board
And many topics

Well, not really so
The topics are bland, too few
Esp with less info

We must struggle for
To get our porkchops and rice
With some Peking duck

And the few sisters that lurk
From this day to that

Our children shall know
The glory of a great game
Called Versus 13

And when it comes past
We shall sit old by the flame
With spawn on our knees

Tell them the tales
Of the Game FAQs Versus Board
How we bled, fought, cried

So impatient we
But no less strange than those peeps
Campin' for iPhones

I mean, it's a phone
You take pics, you call, fiddle
Everyone looks down

It's quite a sad sight
To wait in line, heads all down
Can't tell if she cute

I mean srsly
Your head is down, hair's my sight
Need's more shampoo, dawg

Funniest stuff I hear now
Country of women

That's cool in Russia
Out in cold Siberia
But this 'Murika

But yes, Shiva dear
The diamond in my dust, she
Cold frost of my heart

Then there's Siren
With wings for ears, harp in hand
What she do again?

Doomtrain is next... that...
Was an interesting train
Never liked it really

Oh man, that Eden
Two minute animation
For **** low damage

I wish I was dumb
Knew nothing of Versus, Square
So I can enjoy

I mean really this
Is hurting my soul, brother
I cannot stand it

I am getting old
These joints are ancient, rusting
I grow weary now

Pains me to say this
But perhaps Versus' stupid
director needs sleep

Drink while you drive

So dawg, I heard you
Like to drink and like to drive
So we put some drink...

Oh wait, that's not right
Cause you can't drink while drive
Damn son, start walkin'

Oh America
Land of the free and wealthy
Smelly hobos too

One by corner store
Odor of stale piss on
That brownish jacket

Pokemon Snap is
Greatest game of all time man
Need to play again

Let us all hold hands
Sing, dance and be merry, gay
But no homo, bro

Do the Harlem Shake
Cry over Good Will Hunting
But I'm not girl?

When will Versus come?
After nearly seven years
I became icon

I started off here
Because of Versus, Game FAQs
An account I made

It's so long ago
I barely remember why
I chose this weird name

Pee-On-U, I liked
He was a guy in C.S.
One point Six C.S.

Counterstrike for those
Who don't know what I'm sayin'
Good game, Source's okay

Well, Pee-On-U was
Quite the guy, killed eight guys in
map CS_assault

I respected him
Wanted a name like his name
So came Peonus

Rather than one pee
It was a pee on many
And thus, pee on us

When you say my name
You desire something strange
My pee on you guys

Not just for yourself
But for your group, your people
A golden shower

Well, those are old times
Long gone past, forget them now
Versus coming soon

To my dearest friends
Do your best in life, waiting
Peonus loves you

User Info: CokaineCowboy77

4 years ago#53
Yes, for the children
Who will one day play this game
We must fight onwards

Doomtrain was awesome
I would so suplex that train
Do you get me, bro?

I pray for you so
Appear at the sony meeting
Light in the night sky

We should print this out
And send it to SE head
To show we're insane

Bring me to life, Noct
Save us from this cruelty
I be trippin' hard

What if Shiva is gone?
If she is absent from Versus?
What then, Peonus?

Can Versus still live?
How can it possibly be
Good withouth Shiva...

Final Fantasy
Oh how trustworthy you were
To provide good games

Our poetry will
Be historic one day maybe
In the tale of versus

The very sad tale
But good use of enjambment
They will praise highly

How long left, till our
Mission seizes to become
Till E3, I mean.

But have no fear, Peonus
We will release Versus from
Nomra's dark cage

In this dark age, I
Wonder how we will survive
Like in dragon age

Turn the page, readers
To continue the tale of...
XIII is...just terrible.

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#54
Our girth is strongest
None can withstand our might and
So many them women

User Info: StarBladeEdge

4 years ago#55
this board is full of fools....

why doesn't this get deleted ?
Your profile information is displayed to the public, and contains offensive or illegal material ! :O

User Info: CokaineCowboy77

4 years ago#56
That was hella long
I will run SE into
The ground, pigglet.

I hate SE so
Toriyama's a midget.
Sorry but it's true.

And no type-0
No FFVII remake
But most of all is...

Verus 'course, sill-E
Major trolling from SE
Peonus take P

On SE for their
Crimes, so devious they are
Please, for me they shall

For Versus we shall
I am now a Versus thrall
I go to the mall

Buy Toriyama
Lots of pink wigs for his six
Wives, sick wives so tired

Toriyama is small
And quick but painfull he is
Please stop the madness

They're just taking the **ss
I miss the missus so much
Stella her name is

Stella or Shiva?
The ultimate battle of
Sexy goddesses

I ask of you now,
Who would win such a battle?
Tifa because bewbs
XIII is...just terrible.

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#57
Yo dawg, stop hatin
This topic got rulez, Haikus
Only foo, get out

I remember you
You made some topic, zero
Replies and you mad

Look son, get with it
This board's got culture, style
They see us rollin'

And so they hatin'
Cause you so mad and angry
You so mad, angry

I swear to you, friends
A million haikus shall flood
This board and the next

EDIT: Obviously
Stella wins by default, bro
Shiva no contest
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