Did SE just confirm XIII will be dropped from Versus?

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  3. Did SE just confirm XIII will be dropped from Versus?

User Info: Charizard18

4 years ago#11
3Storms posted...
I was told that "Versus" is dropped because it's not FF-XIII any more, and will be re-packaged as "FF-XV" to be sold as a next-gen launch game.................

That's just what I've been told. We'll find out if it's true in just a few hours.

Personally I expect Squeenix to break their agreement with both the guy who spent all this time making it and Sony and make it multi-plat for both Microsoft and Sony's next systems because..........well.........that's one of the dirty things they do now

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User Info: EventualDecline

4 years ago#12
If they drop the "13" from the title then they would have to drop the "Versus" also, because then the "Versus" would no longer make sense.

And they obviously need to change the name of this game, because "Final Fantasy Versus 13" is one of the worst and stupid looking game titles ever conceived in the history of video games. Just call it Final Fantasy 15 or Final Fantasy: Insert Subtitle Here, for ****'s sake.

peonus posted...
The controversy
Is that 13 was not
All that great a game

Ignoring usual
Linear, story and Snow hate
It was just okay

The real issue here
Is that they delay Versus
For more Lightning games

I don't agree with
A potential jump to *4
Because got P3

I mean this P3
I got just for Versus and
MGS4, yep

Square's incompetence
Is that it can't focus on
A few good projects

And thus we get so
Much filler and crap and stuff
Versus also kicked

It depends really
I think Versus will flop due
To being so hyped

But this for P3
It will sell and it looks cool
Just not a great game

If it were P4
Launch title factor and so
People care less so

Square can do what it
Feels is best and what it wants
Still looks very dumb

But what I want now
Worldwide release brosefs
Seven years? Better....

EDIT: For to add
I meant simultaneous
Worldwide release

I realize that these were all haiku's, but I still think that you should probably be admitted to a mental health facility. Please leave the internet.

Also, some of those were not proper haiku's. You FAIL.
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  3. Did SE just confirm XIII will be dropped from Versus?

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