New Final Fantasy game at E3!

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User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#11
The_FoolXXII posted...
Final Fantasy XIII 4

You mean Final Fantasy Lightning Returns.Again
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User Info: Zendaik

4 years ago#12
ZanarkandZ posted...
Zendaik posted...
ZanarkandZ posted...
I think it's obvious that it is Versus.

We know that Agni's Philosophy will be the next FF, so it only leaves them Versus. They can't show a PS3 game ina PS4 only conference

Agni is just a tech demo. It's not a game.

That's why they did a survey asking if people would like to see Agni as a Final Fantasy protagonist after they showed the Tech Demo last year ?

That doesn't really matter. As of right now, Agni is just a tech demo, and they even said during the presentation that it's "not a game." I'd bet FF XV will be different from Agni.

They might show Versus for E3 (if we're really lucky) but it's not the FF game they're talking about.
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User Info: 1Truth

4 years ago#13
Why would it be FF Versus XIII? He said a new FF game would be at E3. FF Versus XIII is not a new game; it's been announced long ago and had multiple different trailers.
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User Info: gamermasterwiz

4 years ago#14
Final Fantasy 15. Pretty sure of it.

They announced FF13 very early and it took like 2-3 years for it to be released. The same happened to FF13 Versus and will be the same for FF15.

They want us to hype over this so that we don't forget it!
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