A message to Kagari on NeoGaf regarding Versus XIII

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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#161
Remiel89 posted...
Something not very reliable:
-"nothing on Vita..." ok... "and 3DS/Ios games". WHAT?! Only a few days ago SQEX said they'll drop social/mobile games (perhaps because of "All the bravest" flop)
-no more a A-JRPG?! What? Nomura LOVES a-jrpg. It's his genre. I don't see a single reason to drop action BS. It was even already in development from years/months. He repeatedly said it would be spectacular, faster than 2011 trailer, and so on... How are they going to show Noctis teleport without action? And all those stories about piloting a mecha, weapon changing in game, blonde-character with shooter gameplay, etc... Are you saying they dropped all of this? No. Impossible.
-seven years without a word and now, instead of a great advertising, they'll release it in a jiffy?!

Except Lightning can teleport in LR... And it's not even fully action.
Lightning Returns will surpass 13-2 and become accepted by haters!
Official Noctis Lucis Caelum of the XV board.

User Info: Nuck-chorris

4 years ago#162
EscaSyra has a point that those waiting for Versus keep recieving rumors and false promises SE cant keep

Also,, SE was never your company for early marketing. They are always on the annoying obnoxious downlow with only a few words of info per 6 months. Hence, thats why those waiting for Versus get gullible whenever they hear something Versus related.

Point being, i'd rather wait for SE's announements. They wouldnt change the battle system which got the game's atention in the first place, that would be the second biggest Square Enix troll behind the FF7 tech demo.
When i fall in the water, i dont get wet. Water gets me. SE's loss sales pleases me, Maybe they'll start hearing the fans for once.......who am I kidding ?
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