A message to Kagari on NeoGaf regarding Versus XIII

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User Info: MagnaderAlpha

4 years ago#21
Not saying I'm a 100% believer, but considering the alternative with FFXIII games, even if Versus was like it TC described(a mixture of FFXII and ATB), I think I'd still buy it. The thought of KH-esque battles in a FF game is keen, but if the story is good, and the gameplay, despite being traditional(more traditional than ARPG), if I enjoy it more than FFXIII, that's all that matters. I just want a freaking GOOD FF game. Toriyama has disappointed me to the point that I'm WILLING to try a turn-based Versus. See Toriyama? See what you did to me?

User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#22
I say fake. FFVXIII is supposed to use the same battle engine for KH3. If they scrap that and turn it into a more traditional rpg then it'll just make more work for them when it comes to making KH3.

If they want to make it easier on themselves then just scrap that giant robot section from the trailer (No one likes those). I also wouldn't care if the sniper guy wasn't playable. I'd be playing as Noctis the whole time anyway.
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User Info: ZeroCals

4 years ago#23
aeoxeternal posted...
If this game isn't an action rpg, I'm not even giving it a chance. That was what attracted me to the gameplay in the first place. Ridiculous.
I don't want to believe you at all, but your info seems credible. I just HATE the idea of it having ATB. Then again, I've still got to see it to believe it, so I guess we'll find out if you're just a hack wasting my energy or if you truly are informative.

See, I'm almost in the same boat as you. One of the main things that attracted me to this title was the fact that we'd be able to play an action-version of FF (not that I don't like turn-based or turn-based variants).

However, because of the things we've heard about the game's setting (that it would take place in a more "realistic" world, possibly reference current political things, and other interesting stuff... right? I'm remembering this correctly, I think?), I'll still probably pick it up even does end up abandoning the action-RPG gameplay.
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User Info: xfactor

4 years ago#24
peonus posted...
The guy is offering actual specifics on what is going to happen. If it doesn't pan out then there's no ambiguous "You misinterpreted my message" defense.

This guy is essentially making a bet and we can call him out on it exactly.

What makes you think he's going to stick enough by then and not lol-ing at you at this moment?

User Info: Cageblade

4 years ago#25
The fact that people are believing this is hilarious.

"Insiders" on GameFaqs, a site polluted by 12 years old Naruto fans.

Best guess?
Some idiot got banned on NeoGaf and this is his vendetta.
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User Info: peonus

4 years ago#26
He has nothing to gain. Oh yes, he fools the internet for the few months. All bow before him. If he's right, then damn.

I have nothing to lose. I find it plausible. It seems reasonable. Could be the truth? Could be a flat out lie? Well, it's a good framework of what to expect and at least he articulates ****, bull**** or not, on stuff we don't know.

What are they going to do? Scrap Versus? It comes out 2015 instead of 2014? My hopes are not raised but I have expectations of SOME information by E3 or TGS this year.

This Kagari person... she has followers, a message. She's done things like this repeatedly in the past and they've failed to materialize. She's ambigious and unclear in her phrasing. Perhaps it's the NDA, perhaps its to keep her sources secure but it doesn't matter. She tells us nothing we don't already know or could guess. She's trying to make herself into a brand.

This is why what she does offends me since she's making information are near-vaporware like tabloid celebrity gossip columns. Like "Oh I know something! It's a secret! Tehehehe!"

****ing hell. It's been seven years just tell us.


User Info: 61degrees

4 years ago#27
sorry europe? :( im from europe.. this is bad news for me.
im more interested in FFX HD right now i guess

User Info: Hitagi

4 years ago#28
Kagari is just as clueless as the rest of us. Not sure why anyone gives her any attention.

This is obvious BS, though.

User Info: Asd202

4 years ago#29
What's up with all those rumor from SE insider these days lol.

User Info: TeethWillRoll

4 years ago#30
61degrees posted...
sorry europe? :( im from europe.. this is bad news for me.
im more interested in FFX HD right now i guess

it's okay we can just import
oh ok.
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  3. A message to Kagari on NeoGaf regarding Versus XIII

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