A message to Kagari on NeoGaf regarding Versus XIII

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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#31
1. Versus not an action RPG. BULLCRAP. That's the very reason people wanted this game. If the returned to 12 gameplay then I'll be pissed.
2. You said X will come out on June... summer start on 21st. E3 is weeks before.
3. I think it was all good till you said Versus was no longer an action RPG. After that it just fell apart.
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User Info: TeethWillRoll

4 years ago#32
Asd202 posted...
What's up with all those rumor from SE insider these days lol.

Lol I was about to make a post about just this, too. Honestly I can't anymore, I really can't.
It's not like people on GAF haven't been betting their accounts on supposed Versus info they know – which of couse turned out to be hot air.

Whatever happens, happens.
oh ok.

User Info: Eddie___Dean

4 years ago#33
Hmm, hope this isn't true- I was intrigued by the action-RPG aspect and was looking forward to a Kingdom Hearts style game with an FF setting.

User Info: MonkeySeraph

4 years ago#34
Asd202 posted...
What's up with all those rumor from SE insider these days lol.

they are trying to feed us hope to poison our PYREFLIES/LIFESTREAMSLASHOTHERFFWORDSFORSOUL
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User Info: Uchiha_Hai

4 years ago#35
Lmao ATB? Might as well rename it FFXV then.

User Info: psxphreak

4 years ago#36
Just for clarification, I think Kagari is great and one of the most genuine people in the FF community.

The OP's tone was more rather just to say that claiming Aryllies is wrong is sort of hard to do if youre not completely "in the know" yourself. Kagari is great, Neogaf is great.

I trust my source.

However, the Gamestop bit was incorrect and a bit of a mistranslation on my part. Plans were discussed, no content shown other than some FFX stuff :/ Marketing push for LR like I said. On that note, I heard that game is a disasterpiece and "a career killer maybe even".

"Versus XIII" hasnt started localization. Contracts have been set with various entities for awhile, however. Sooner than you think. This time next year, sooner.

E3 is going to be absolutely crazy. "Journalists" are going to have carpal tunnel when its all said and done.

This is my last post. Speculate all you want. If this gets Square to talk or somebody with credibility to come forward than it wasnt all for nothing. Sometimes you gotta stir the pot a little to get people what they want.

Peace out Gfaqs. Keep the faith, the payoff is coming.

Neogaf, ya'll are cool. Your off-topic is full of assclowns, however. Never seen a larger collective of intelectually-challenged idealogues in my entire life.

User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#37
So, which parts were mistranslated exactly?
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User Info: 61degrees

4 years ago#38
psxphreak, surely any info that was at destination playstation would of leaked by now? i want my FFX info :(

User Info: Panda_Kun

4 years ago#39
Meh. *chomps bamboo*
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User Info: PillsberyDoeMan

4 years ago#40
i've never read so much bull**** in my life. what, did a 10yr old child type this? this crap is almost as bad as anime fanfiction.

impatiently waiting on versus xiii...
EDIT: not so much anymore... (4/28/11)
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