What's REALLY going on with versus 13

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User Info: Todd3600

4 years ago#1
Hello. You are all in for a treat. I am the Vice President of the North America Square Enix branch. My wife recently divorced me and took everything from me. I have decided that life isn't worth living anymore so I don't care if I get fired for revealing this top secret info.

Ok so you are all wondering why versus is still not finished. Well you know the 2 guys that are working on kingdom hearts 1.5? They were also the only 2 guys working on versus. They got to about 20% done with versus after these seven long years and got pulled from the project. The big wigs at the main branch of Square Enix now has about 10 top men working on the last 80% of the game. So ill kindly ask you to be excited for it along with this years e3. Also the game is still an action rpg. The only major change to the game is that noctis is now a chocobo. Even as a chocobo we are confident that noctis will display more emotions than lightning does. Oh yes I almost forgot. Lightning is the main antagonist of the game. 2 million registered defeats of lightning at the end of the game will kill her for good. If she isn't defeated that many times then we at square Enix will continue to pump out lightning games. No you don't understand we will milk her dry. If you think call of duty is being milked think again. She literally won't have breasts anymore after we're done with her.

I hope I don't get fired for this. I'm the only one left in upper management that doesn't want to focus on iOS games. Although my wife just left me so whatever I guess. Once more please be excited for E3

User Info: LostEnigma

4 years ago#2
This guy I believe...;)
PSN: Mikerik-17

User Info: nfobia

4 years ago#3
Hello Todd!

I'm sorry i stole your wife but its complicated so lets not use public forums for that. I hope you'll find new one soon enough! But Barry told its possible you wont get fired because things about Versus you mentioned are from the early demo, so lots of stuff has changed! Anyway i'm not saying anything either because we fear the mighty Yoichi Wada's wrath. Anyway, those who have imported Type-0 can find secret about Versus within the game UMD.

User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#4
Annoying... this board is going through it wish lost stage... pathetic.
Lightning Returns will surpass 13-2 and become accepted by haters!

User Info: Todd3600

4 years ago#5
On a serious note though I don't think ill be able to resist buying this game even if it sucks if it ever comes out. It's like just owning it would be so awesome.

User Info: heyjeyXY

4 years ago#6
I always wanted to play with a chocobo with deep humane emotions and decision-making skills.
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