Listening to Somnus makes me feel young again...

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  3. Listening to Somnus makes me feel young again...

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#1
... and strangely so depressed... The soft eerie melody with the Latin lyrics. It's all so nostalgic.

Can we all sit and talk about this game like reasonable people? Can we sit around a decent topic and discuss news and rumors without pretending to be the nephew of some Square exec with the big scoop? If you know something then just say it and be done with it. Don't obscure the truth with ambiguity and dangle your secrets in front of us like some carrot on a stick or apple of Tantalus.

We are not sheep. We are not cattle. We are not pawns that blindly worship false prophets.

We are all friends and reasonable people here.

Except the ****ing NeoGaffers. ****ing clowns.

User Info: EventualDecline

4 years ago#2
My uncle's cousin's gynecologist's gay lover's dad's cousin's friend's sister's mom says that we should keep arguing about NeoGAF and rumors and Wada, and that Versus 13 has been cancelled.

Also, SE has ordered all known copies of FF7 to be located and destroyed, as the mere existence of that game embarrasses them and makes them look bad. It will be erased from existence. FF6 too. Can't have these games lying around anymore in 2013. They just make certain people look bad. It's not appropriate for these games to be available anymore when you're trying to sell crappy modern games to the genetically inferior masses who are dumb as a box of rocks.
"High speed progress, step by step, into a trap....."

User Info: peonus

4 years ago#3
I'll have you know I'm as smart as a pebble with the girth of a boulder thank you very much.

User Info: akira_hisyam

4 years ago#4
Listening to Somnus makes me feel really sad for this game and how s.e treat this game as a garbage.
i wont let the last heaven honor die with it champion-war
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  3. Listening to Somnus makes me feel young again...

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