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User Info: Graham_Chapman

4 years ago#61
KawakamiGensai posted...
Graham_Chapman posted...
To be honest with you, Gensai, I'm gonna have to say that I think Jman is a troll. Heck, if I knew you in person, I'd bet you 10 bucks he'll just say something along the lines of "I'm not required to clarify anything to you"... And though I'm a bit confused concerning what you mean with "clarify that you -don't- dislike women", I feel the need to point out that he'd have to motivate his position pretty well/extensively in order to convince me he's not a sexist/misogynic... "I won't play this game because the main character is a woman" requires a bit more of an explanation than "I don't hate women" to sound convincing. (Compare: "I refuse to play this game because the main character is a Jew. But I'm not an antisemite." How convincing was that?)

I would also say that he DOES, in fact, dispute the definitions of the words (hell, he's basically saying there's actually no such thing as discrimination, because prejudice requires a subjective perspective) but that's kinda beside the point.

Graham, you're right, you were right all along and I can't apologize enough to the TC for hijacking an FF topic with petty squabble.

I also note that I would've won the bet had there been one. (Why is it all bets I bring up I would've felt much happier if I had lost?)

Anyway, I apologize for this derailing discussion as well, TC. I did contribute a bit to it, after all... You should probably try as many as possible of the FF games. They all have their ups and downs. FF1 was undeveloped and unpolished (unsurprisingly, Square Soft needed some time to learn how to do these kinda games), the SNES and/or PS1 era is commonly considered FF's high-point and FF13 had... SOMETHING very wrong with it. All but its more fervent fans will agree upon that much at least.
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