With All the Hd Remasters, The First Full Blown Console FF Remake Should Be

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User Info: grand_kaizer

4 years ago#21
Definitely rather see a remake of VI.
"I am the Truest Repairman!"

User Info: MagnaderAlpha

4 years ago#22
theofficefan99 posted...
MagnaderAlpha posted...
theofficefan99 posted...
Charizard18 posted...
I'd love this. FF VIII is my tied with IX and V for my third favorite FF and would probably be my number 1 if it weren't for my biased love for IV and VI. I do agree that V and VI more than deserve remakes (even if it's in ff iii/iv remake style) at this point, but a FF VIII couldn't hurt. And they could work on fixing some of the things people had gripes about to make them more enjoyable. I'm one of the few people who actually liked the entire package, the story gameplay and characters, so a remake couldnt hurt if done well. Reliving Laguna, Ward and Kiros' adventures in HD and hearing Eyes On Me possibly remastered would be sublime.

Gameplay mechanics can be easily fixed, but the thing a lot of people have a problem with is the story, and that's something I don't think a remake can fix. They're better off just leaving the game as-is. It has plenty of fans. FFVIII is just fine.

It would be interesting, in a ballsy way, if they ever attempted to remake a FF game with story-tweaking, kinda like Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. I remember how the creators justified the differences between the original Sega CD Lunar and SSSC by saying the old Lunar is like listening to a story from an old traveler who only goes over the general bits but forgot the finer details. SSSC is like a story told by Alex fresh back from his adventure, so because he JUST experienced it, all the details are easier to remember. Besides, considering how the BAD aspects of FFVIII's story ARE pretty damn bad, I don't see anybody other than purists having a problem if that should ever happen(hypothetically speaking). You'd probably have a hell of a lot more ranting over the changing of FFVI or FFVII's stories than tweaking something irk-worthy like the orphanage scene to make it seem less..... stupid.

Though, that being said, if it's more along the lines of fixing game mechanics, I'd prefer an HD remaster of FFIX with sped up battles. I think that would be awesome!

Yeah, but the story needs a lot of tweaking. Well, I don't know. There's a lot of issues when it comes to the Orphanage scene, NORG, Lunatic Pandora, the Lunar Cry, Ragnarok, Ultimecia, Ellone, etc. etc.

It'll take a lot of work, but I guess it'd be possible. I don't know. I just think VIII is fine as-is. We don't need a remake of it. We also don't need to remake VII and IX. If they absolutely have to do remakes, I'd rather they do a full 3D remake of V and VI, and then just continue doing new stuff in a timely manner.

I can agree with that. FFVIII's story needs, IMO, so much work, that you could might as well just use that time and effort in creating a NEW story for a NEW FF game.

And yeah, I'd rather FFV and FFVI get full HD remakes.
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  3. With All the Hd Remasters, The First Full Blown Console FF Remake Should Be

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