OT: If you could improve any existing FF, how would you?

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User Info: MagnaderAlpha

4 years ago#1
I thought of this after the "FFVIII HD Remake" thread, as well as others in LR boards where it's obvious people have different "ideal perceptions" of what makes a FF game a "Final Fantasy" game. This is just to get those brain juices flowing. We all have different perceptions of the series, and even if someone tries to interject fact into the mix("Square says Final Fantasy is about change), that does little to sway our opinions of what WE think FF is.

So, I ask this question, with the series from FFI-XIV, there's obviously some we love and some we don't. Nobody's that's indifferent to like 'em all, and that's alright. That ones you dislike, or hell, even the ones you like, if you could make them better, what would YOU do? It could be anything from changing character designer, changing composer, tweaking the story(or parts of the story), adding a deeper story(in the case of, like FFI), making exploration more linear, or making it more free and large. This is a topic to think outside of the box and let your imagination go wild.

Now, I can say right now, those of you who are dying to say, "It's perfect as it is", you need not apply. If that's how you feel, there's many other threads out there for you. If you can find that little piece of you that CAN step outside of your box and question, "Well, they are fine, but MAYBE they can be BETTER!", then come on in and let us hear how you'd improve this series.

I'll start(though I'll let most of my ideas out in additional posts):

Final Fantasy 1: I'd add actual characters and a story that revolves around them. Amano's Warrior of Light will be the main character(maybe name him "Lumas" or "Lumen"), and develop a backstory where he has connections to Garland:

- He was an orphan found by Garland(who is royal guard to Princess Sarah) and raised as his protege, acting as a squire for Cornelia Castle, and becomes childhood friends with Princess Sarah. Eventually, as Garland goes crazy, he(WoL) becomes a knight and takes over his "father's" role. But, surprised by Garland, WoL is defeated(but spared) in a one-on-one battle and Garland takes Princess Sarah and heads to the Temple of Chaos. In the infirmary, WoL sneaks out and heads to Cornelia town to buy new weapons and armor in hopes to go after them, but meets three other travelers who all hold a crystal necklace, the very same that he's had since he was a child. They agree that fate has drawn them together and decide to aid him on his quest.

Now for the others, I was thinking the other 4 main characters should be a White Mage, a Black Mage and a Monk. The Thief and Red Mage join you, but later in the game(for instance, the Thief joins you at Pravoka, and Red Mage in Melmond). The story would call for character development and interactive dialog. Each character would have their unique personalities and depending on who you have in your party(after you've got both Thief and Red Mage), dialog in certain scenes would change.

The story, itself, would be considerably longer, with cut-scenes and additional important locations. Surprised moments and plot-twists would also be present.

Battle system would be tweaked considerably. It would adopt the FFX "mid-battle character swap" technique where you can swap in and out characters at will. I would also add a summon system(no summoners needed) where, in a side story, you seek out guardians of the world and obtain Sigils after you make pacts with them(you can return to Bahamut and make a pact with him after the Cardia Island part), and you equip the Sigils on the characters(one per character) and it allows them to summon(maybe something like MP has to be at MAX and it uses up ALL MP). That said, I'd also add the MP system(no "you only get 5 fires, 3 cures...." bit). There will be Ether and such to replenish MP.

User Info: DHG_Sweep

4 years ago#2
FFX would be the perfect game for me if I could change the fact that characters wouldnt be practically identical after maxing out their stats. It bugs me that they lose all of their individuality bar overdrives and the best ones are those that can hit 99999 the most often.
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User Info: marko7

4 years ago#3
I'd improve FFIX by making the battle system a bit faster.

Then it would be the perfect Final Fantasy.

EDIT: I'd change the Trance system too so that it worked more along the lines of Limit Breaks from FFVII.
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User Info: dkgerbil2

4 years ago#4
The Final Fantasy games that suffered from weak characters (FFVIII, FFXII, and depending on your opinion, any pre-FFVI games) would undoubtedly benefit from something like the "skit" system in the Tales series, the support conversations from Fire Emblem or even the party dialogue system from the KOTOR games. The main characters can develop in the story as they would, but you still get interaction from those that you don't use/don't have much dialogue. At the least, it'll make you like characters for more than their appearance and usefulness in combat.
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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#5
10: Easier Sidequests

12: Less grinding. No seriously you would have to grind for hours just to BARELY beat one enemy and then when you do, the next area enemies make you go back to grind and then you get strong enough and... (on and on and on).

13: People on Gran Pulse. I was hoping to see like a real live city on Gran Pulse and the site of the ultimate revealation. Also a better level up system. They could had use a newer version instead of the carbon copy of Sphere Grid.

13-2: It was an amazing game but a little too... nah it was far too easy. Make you want to do the grinding in 12 and 13 lol.
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