FFDream confirm Gameblog rumor!

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User Info: Zendaik

4 years ago#91

The PS4 is bound to get Tales, FF, Persona, NIS and Gust stuff, and Level 5 has a PS4 game in the works now. Some other stuff is guaranteed too. I don't know if it'll compare to the 3DS for JRPGs but it'll get a fair share like PS3.
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User Info: Enclave

4 years ago#92
Exentryk posted...
Lelouch71 posted...
So are these FFDream people legit and never gave bad information?

Not sure. Only started following them.

I still doubt a PS4 version personally. Better to optimize for one console than similar versions on two.

The rumor has it that Sony basically funded the development of the game on the PS4.
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User Info: stupid_dudeman7

4 years ago#93
PS4 version will be with LUMINOUS (obviously) so there still will be tremendous incentive to buy the two versions for people who won't buy a PS4 at launch.

The PS3 version will be neat though. On what we've seen on the 2011 footage,
There's promise to have great fun with the gameplay. Just from the TALES series you can tell (no shiny graphics on Graces F).
SQEX has been bitten hard enough with FF14 to mess this up.

If SONY paid for the portage they believe it's at least as good as FF7 (I bet it's better).
The only question is about the number of Blu-Rays and gameplay time (has to be over a hundred cause of the wait).

Endgame dungeons are a sure thing. Have they removed the 99lvl cap as in 13 ?

edit:yes I just come to this board when there's new info.
hope it won't upset you fine people...
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#94
Zendaik posted...

The PS4 is bound to get Tales, FF, Persona, NIS and Gust stuff, and Level 5 has a PS4 game in the works now. Some other stuff is guaranteed too. I don't know if it'll compare to the 3DS for JRPGs but it'll get a fair share like PS3.

I did say it will get some jrpgs. It just won't compare to the 3DS let alone the PS2. I believe the PS4 will more or less be like the PS3. It will mostly get the big names that are guarantee to sell well enough. KH (KH3?), Tales, FF, and Level 5 titles are the games I expect to show up. Persona might come to the PS4. I doubt we will see P5 on it. That will more than likely be on the PS3/360 (and maybe the Wii U). If it doesn't come to them it will most certainly go to the 3DS with the rest of the megaten titles. The NIS and Gust stuff will show up for their small niche fanbase. Otherwise the PS4 will mainly have western titles while the 3DS will probably get the vast majority of the jrpgs and other Japanese games.
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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#95
theofficefan99 posted...
Cross gen just sounds so lame.

But I'd expect lame coming from SE.

Why not everyone else doing it (Well all the big players)?
Coming 2014 calling it I'll be reverend on the internet by my predictions. Haters can doubt all they want but they can't deny that Versus' arrival is imminent.

User Info: NewGuy1887

4 years ago#96
Lelouch71 posted...
The PS4 will never be the go to system for jrpgs. Times have changed. Now it will definitely have some but it won't be the new PS2. The 3DS will be its true successor. It's already becoming a worthy successor IMO. Handhelds and smartphones dominates Japan. I believe console gaming will become even less popular this gen than it was last gen for the Japanese. The PS4 and Wii U will probably do well enough once they hit their stride, but they won't be topping the 3DS. It also doesn't help the fact that HD games are too expensive for your lesser known developers that aren't SE, Namdai, or Capcom.

The Xbox is a none issue. The Japanese couldn't careless about MS. The only reason the 360 got any exclusive or time exclusive jrpgs was because they wanted to get the Japanese market behind them. Given that the 360 had a great user base it still got plenty of multiplats. The PS3 ended up getting more in the end but the DS and PSP still stomp a mudhole in it when it comes to jrpgs support. That trend will not be changing.

i disagree. no Nintendo system will ever be the go-to RPG system again, the only RPG on Nintendo people care about is Pokemon and that's more of its own thing, now, its own genre of OCD collecting for people who like buying multiple copies of annual rehashes with slightly different but related names. Nintendo is all about Mario and Zelda and family and casual games, they are trying to get more core games lately but that is probably because they are desperate for success knowing they have lost their lead with the Wii U being a failure already and Sony and Microsoft having a big console face off soon.

the only reason psp and ds were so successful is because they were easy, cheap and quick to develop for, the ps3 was the opposite and launched very badly, so badly it went straight to 3rd place. i disagree that consoles will become less popular in favor of handhelds, it is the opposite now, for the consoles Wii U has already failed and ps4 is much easier to develop for and will launch well if they price it properly. for the handhelds the vita has already failed, it is obvious it will not have the success of psp. and 3ds jrpg library? it is a joke, it only has b-tier JRPG series (Etrian Odyssey, Fire Emblem) and old remastered/made ports (Tales of the Abyss, Dragon Quest VII, Soul Hackers), it has not started well and does not look to continue well so far.

compare the ps4. it may get Versus, it is getting Final Fantasy XV (no bigger deal in JRPGs), a new level-5 JRPG, and recently Tales of has shifted focus to ps3 and will probably continue with ps4 (we will see), it will get Kingdom Hearts III eventually (if they ever get around to it...) and it is getting WRPGs like Diablo III and Witcher 3. it already looks like it will be the go-to RPG console.

the 360 had a good launch unlike the ps3, so it got some support, but in the end the Japanese support for 360 has not worked out well. we will see how nextbox turns out, but all the rumors so far are putting off a lot of people, it does not look good so far but we will see. of course it will fail in Japan just like 360 which will not help with Japanese support for it.

"The PS3 ended up getting more in the end but the DS and PSP still stomp a mudhole in it when it comes to jrpgs support. That trend will not be changing."

judging on how ps4 will likely launch without the mistakes of ps3, already has solid JRPGs coming to it i think not, and you think the VITA and 3DS will stomp a mudhole in the ps4? vita is a joke and 3ds is getting B-tier JRPG series and ports, i think if you were a betting man you would soon find yourself poor with predictions like these.
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User Info: KhmerKing559

4 years ago#97
Hmmm if true then will play PS3 version and replay PS4 version in 2 years, which is prob when I'll be getting a PS4.

User Info: Aryllies

4 years ago#98
I fail to see how you can call Fire Emblem or Etrian Odyssey B series games.

They are very polished and a lot of effort went into making them.

We're also getting a wonderful SMT game next month.
The 3ds is appearing to be a Rpg powerhouse for the years to come.

User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#99

The DS (and PSP) was the go to jrpg system this past gen. Sorry to break the news to you if you want to get technical the only jrpgs that most people care about are Pokemon, FF, and KH. They are the guarantee money makers. Everything else is incredibly niche and is lucky to even get past 100K. The Wii U just got release in late November. It's a bit too early to call it a failure. For all you know the PS4 could do worst than the Vita is now. The 3DS also had a slow start too and it's crushing just about everything right now. The PS3 was flopping pretty bad in the beginning too and now it's at 77 million worldwide. While it may have spent the better part of Gen 7 in last place it's most certainly did better than most system that came in third. All I'm saying is don't let whatever hate you might have towards Nintendo blind you to other possibilities.

You also clearly don't understand the Japanese market. They are spending less and less time at home. That is why handheld and smartphones are dominating over there. The PS4 can be as easy to develop as much as it wants. HD development isn't worth the risk for some third party developers unless it's guaranteed to make a profit. The shift in the Japanese market is towards portable devices. Take for instance the 3DS. It took the PS3 just about 7 years to get to 9+ million sold LTD in Japan. It took the 3DS less than 2 years to surpass it. It's already on course to surpass the Wii's Japanese LTD sales. It probably won't be long until it surpass the PSP and DS's LTD sales too. Never mind the fact that it has been dominating sales charts in Japan.

Third party developers go to the system that sales the most. It happen for the PS1, PS2, and DS. It's also happening with the 3DS now. The main target audience prefer the 3DS as well. Now I do believe the PS4 has the potential to be reasonably popular in the west. It will most certainly do better on the western game front than the 3DS. However, console gaming is slowly becoming irrelevant in Japan. The US and EU will continue to love console gaming though.

I'm going to pretend you did say it has b-tier jrpgs series. I would take games like Soul Hackers, SMT4, Bravely Default, FE:A, and DQ7 over the vast majority of the crap we get on consoles any day. If they are B-tier then I weep for the future of A-tier games because I haven't been THAT impressed on the console front when it comes to jrpgs with the exception of a few games like Xenoblade. As for ports, the PS4 is getting some too. Hell the PS3 is getting PS2 ports in disguise of HD collections. No system is immune to getting ports of past systems. The PS4 will get the major games no doubt. It doesn't necessarily mean they will be good.

Sorry man if anyone would be poor if we were betting money it would be you. You are assuming way too much about the PS4. We don't know how well it will sell. It can do extraordinarily well. Then again it could struggle. Most likely it will. You are also underestimating the possibility of the Wii U hitting its stride. The 8th gen just begun. We don't know what could happen. Like I said to Zendaik. It will likely get the big budget titles like FFXV and KH3 or little niche titles from NIS and Gust just like the PS3. However, I highly doubt it won't be getting the same jrpg support that the 3DS will be receiving in the near future.
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User Info: Sorrow_Ender

4 years ago#100
matt091282 posted...
If this does come out for both platforms, what will the differences be? I mean obviously graphic-wise, the PS4 will look a lot better (although I'm sure the PS3 version will still look fantastic), but I wonder what some of the other differences will be.

it will probably have dlc and the ps4 will include that dlc as well as a graphics boost
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