Square has betrayed me

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User Info: darth_reagan

4 years ago#1
I trusted Square, and this betrayal combined with my Aspergers is just making me lose all hope.

I can pretty much track my childhood and growth to adulthood alongside the releases of Final Fantasy games. It's funny how my maturation ended up paralleling that of the series itself. I guess I'm just blessed that by coincidence my birth happened at the exact time to make something like this even possible.

Wide eyed and excited,brash and sure of righteousness and good in the world, I felt drawn to FF4 (2 US) on the SNES like no game I had ever been drawn to before. A few years later I was a little more vulnerable, understanding of my need for friendships and trust, and FF6 (3 US) was there as well, Terra and I were going through the same experiences in our lives.

I purchased a Playstation just because of FFVII, and I was rewarded for my trust with only the greatest game to ever grace a console. Bold, deep, mature, it was everything I was craving. The loss of Aerith paralleled a deep personal loss I had experienced just prior IRL, and just like with FF6, I felt like the game and I sort of got through the tough periods together.

This continued with FF8, and FF9 was just what I was looking for at the time, a joyfull reminder of youth and things past, and a sense that it was okay to recapture it and revel in it, even if its time was past.

Once again I picked up a PS2 just for FF games. I would talk about how FFX mirrored my brash entry into a more adult world and relations with the opposite sex, and X-2 led to my understanding and acceptance of that other sex as a full time part in my life, but I just dont have the heart. My soul is crushed. I can't even think about talking about FF12 right now I just can't.

I bought a PS3 for FFXIII and not much else. I put my trust in Square, in Sony, in myself. That trust has been broken. I really don't know what I am feeling right now but it is unfamiliar. I'm angry, but it is more than that. Part of the FF series was making that total commitment to the console, and being rewarded for that commitment with a barrage of emotions, feelings, and sensations that only a game carefully crafted in a symbiotic relationship with a single console could provide. Now that Square-Enix has violated my trust, and this bond, it's not going to be the same this time.

I hate to say it but it looks like I am going to have to forge a life of my own now, without Final Fantasy guiding me along. But right now all I feel like I can do is cry.

User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#2
I actually read as far as the first line. I'll accept defeat.
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User Info: Danahell

4 years ago#3
I feel like i've read this story somewhere else...
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User Info: R1n

4 years ago#4
lol. I remember this.
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User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#5
R1n posted...
lol. I remember this.

User Info: heartlesshero17

4 years ago#6
DragoonGriffith posted...
R1n posted...
lol. I remember this.
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User Info: KookyKittie

4 years ago#7

User Info: Magitek111

4 years ago#8
Ahem. *Cues The Room*
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