How about top 5 favorite FF games?

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User Info: tatsuya1221

4 years ago#181
In order:


V and VII are great games, but this is a favorites list, IV only takes the top spot because it was my first FF, otherwise it would be tied with VIII for the top spot.
I dislike XIII and dislike Titus in X, X-2, XIII-2 and XIII-3 should have never happened imo.
Tactics would have probably been equal to XII but i prefer to consider the tactics series it's own series.
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User Info: FrankZappa10123

4 years ago#182
1. IV
2. VI
3. V
4. IX
5. VII

User Info: kaiser ryu

kaiser ryu
4 years ago#183
... V, VIII, or X-2.

For my top three while details differ I feel each are about equal in overall quality and they pull away from the pack through their worlds (in an aesthetic sense as well as how fleshed out they feel), characters, story presentation and this sort of intangible sense that each one was a labor of love for the devs.

Each one has places, moments, and characters that will forever be landmarks in my mind.
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User Info: AH88

4 years ago#184
1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Final Fantasy VIII
3. Final Fantasy Tactics
4. Final Fantasy XII
5. Final Fantasy X
This so much:

User Info: Dabrikishaw15

4 years ago#185
1. XII
2. X
4, V
5. I
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