Do you guys want the Japanese audio with English subtitles?

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User Info: Silbe

4 years ago#121
There IS bad voice acting, believe me. When voices are bland because the VA doesn't care, when they overact lines, when accents are lost becaus they were too lazy to find the dubs equivalent of said accent, when accents are added where none should be, wrong pronunciations, bad translations or simply the wrong voice for a specific character. These things are NOT an opinion. It's not the same as saying Omygosh, I don't like that ones voice.......because!........

And depending on the country voice actors are simply perceived differently. Japan has star voiceactors, hyped, bands, shows, awards, songs, and they have hordes of fans.. While in Germany and in the USA/Brittain most VA are not even well known. This does have impact on the work they do.

User Info: Kit_Sakurazuka

4 years ago#122
I absolutely want Japanese audio and English subtitles. I would LOVE to see a special or limited edition release with this feature, though I'd expect it to cost a bit more in order to deter reverse-importing (Probably $80 or $90ish, in line with Japanese pricing) but also come out close to or simultaneously with the Japanese version. Then they could release a dubbed version a few months down the line, whenever the English voicework was done.

Everyone wins: You can get the game early with the original high-quality voices, or you can wait a bit and get the high-quality English dub. I guarantee that both would sell well, and if they made the gap long enough and the saves universal, I bet they could entice a LOT of people to double-dip.
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User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#123
Yeah, ham and cheese go down better that way.
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User Info: rpgczar

4 years ago#124
those that want Japanese voices can just buy Japanese version

User Info: Mooogleman

4 years ago#125
The option would be nice but not if it is a dubtitle like most games. I hate playing a game and then the text is the same as the dub so it doesn't match up with what they are saying. I don't speak fluent but I speak enough to get irked enough that if the dub sucks I don't know what to do. Crappy dub? Or crappy sub? Of course if the original va suck too then your just sol. I usually fast forwards text though cuz I read a lot faster than they talk and I am impatient. Cutscenes is fine but in game dialogue gets skipped for the most part.

User Info: rpglover13

4 years ago#126
I actually thought this when I saw the trailer at E3. I seriously wouldn't mind it, especially if it reduced the waiting for a release.

User Info: lordsesshomoru

4 years ago#127
Personally I rather have English voice-overs because I don't like reading while playing a game. It also distracts my eyes to a certain part of the screen and not on the action. But I've noticed several people that wants the Japanese voice-overs so in my opinion they should put an option in the game to let you choose whether you want English voice-overs or Japanese voice-overs.

User Info: Pirate_Balthier

4 years ago#128
I don't like japanese voices much, either they sound too high pitched for my taste or too generic for my taste. I can't say english voices are that much better but at least they do have some nice surprises here and there.
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User Info: JackNief

4 years ago#129
Considering most dubwork is actually halfway decent nowadays, I'm gonna go with 'nuh'. However, the option for having the original Japanese audio, if possible, should not be overlooked.
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