I think this will be the best Final Fantasy story since Final Fantasy X

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User Info: HipsterManPrime

4 years ago#1
Final Fantasy X was the first video game to actually make me cry. Couldn't finish XII because I found the game boring (no offence to anyone that actually likes the game) and I enjoyed XIII, but its a game that even I cringe at times during the story.

This game has a lot of story potential due to Noctis' interesting character, his friends, his family, the interesting antagonists, as well as the love/battle relationship Noctis and Stella.

This is also the first Final Fantasy set in modern times so they have a ton to work with.

But who knows, it could actually suck.

User Info: Stick_1_2_3

4 years ago#2
FF12 trumps over 10

User Info: shadowSEXil

4 years ago#3
As big of a critic I am of XIII, its story wasn't necessarily cringe-inducing. My biggest problems were the English script and the fact that you had to read most of the story to get a firm grasp of what was going on. So more, the was the story was administered was the problem there, for me.

As for Final Fantasy XV, the story needs to take some risks here to stand out. I've read much Shakespeare, and though it was revolutionary at the time, Shakespeare set the standard for storytelling. XV needs to be more than standard. And I don't want just a rehashed Hamlet, either.
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User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#4
FFX? Just about every FF has a better story than FFX, including FFXII, which is leagues superior.
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#5
You cringe at the story of FFXIII yet you praise FFX? Must be nostalgia goggles.

I enjoyed the story of the game but the best is still FFIX of the main games. FFT if you include the spin-offs.
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User Info: donkeyjack

4 years ago#6
10 had a great story.

I think 15 will surpass 7 imo.


User Info: EscaSyra

4 years ago#7
FFX was bad mmkay.

FFX was one of the only FF to make me cringe. It never made me cry. X's story is overrated. The characters were horrible for the most part. The battle system was bad and boring. It had one of the worst romances of any FF. A lot of people act like it's the second coming of Jesus, but there wasn't much at all special about it.

It had some really cringe worthy dialogue as well.
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User Info: sMpNoctisorG

4 years ago#8
I really agree with TC. Though I haven't played XII, but I think it looks good.
FFX is my second fav FF, first is Tactics. I loved the story, the characters, and the battle system too.
And FFIX.. I don't know, I I loved it, but I didn't cared for the story as much as I had with Tactics and X. That goes with XIII too, I think it's a good game, though not that great compared to the franchise.
So yeah.. FFXV looks like it's gonna be great. The only negative people can nitpick about it was the lack of females and being an ARPG. And I find it ridiculous, seriously. When this was Versus, I haven't heard any b-----n' about it. And that's something I really don't care about, I really feel like this is gonna be the real deal all over again, even after hearing this complains again 'n again.

User Info: -BrokenSpiral-

4 years ago#9
The only FF story I'd say stands above all the rest and deserves praise is Tactics.

User Info: Schrient

4 years ago#10
I really hope FF XV is a great game with a great storyline. I am worried about all this sequel talk, though if it's like Xenosaga I can deal with that. (though ep 2 was lacking and after being stuck on the final real boss I re-started and finished the game in 2 days straight)

So if it works well, and isn't Lightning Returns type weirdness, I think it will succeed. I hope we can use some female characters. The guys could be super awesome but... more contrast makes for a better cast.
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