Which of the classics (1-6) do you recommend?

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  3. Which of the classics (1-6) do you recommend?

User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#1
The only FF games I've played were VII and and Crisis Core, and before I play VIII and onwards, I want to play one of the classic games, so it doesn't feel as outdated as compared to if I played it later. But I know how FF games are known for their length, and I don't want to spend forever on one series, so I only plan on playing one classic FF before moving on.

TL;DR, which old school FF do you most strongly recommend?

User Info: gamingrat

4 years ago#2
Final Fantasy IV is the best in the series

User Info: heartlesshero17

4 years ago#3
FFV imo is the best of the classics.
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User Info: EscaSyra

4 years ago#4

You should try Tactics as well.
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User Info: LiquidGearSolid

4 years ago#5
Either IV or V.

I would recommend VI, but you're concerned about length, and that game's pre-final-boss preparation demands a LOT of grinding.
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User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#6
1 or 6.
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User Info: SugarBoogers

4 years ago#7
Oh delightful! The KH boards have gone to complete s*** and I was looking for a new place to chill.
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User Info: vedoris86

4 years ago#8
VI for all round goodness

or V for battle gameplay if you like job class system (which i love)
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User Info: Zenlightened

4 years ago#9
Story? VI

Gameplay? V (The job system is so much fun)

Most iconic FF feel? IV

They're all gems. These games are the reason why the franchise is so popular today. 1 is short and if you play the iOS/droid version you can beat it in a handful of hours. 2 is not so great. 3 (the DS version) is pretty solid overall, but V does everything it does way better.

Just do IV, V, then VI. Totally worth every minute played.
So it goes.

User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#10
Also on a side note, you guys think I can emulate these games on my phone, or are they too fast paced for me to use the crappy touch screen properly?
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  3. Which of the classics (1-6) do you recommend?

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