What got you into Final Fantasy?

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User Info: VoidBeyond

4 years ago#1
(Inspired by this topic http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/932981-final-fantasy-xv/66723911)

I was practically born into it. My dad was playing them on the SNES before I was born and I grew up watching my siblings play through FF7 through 9 on our Playstation.
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User Info: grand_kaizer

4 years ago#2
A friend broke his leg and bought FFVII as something to sink some time into while he wasn't able to do much. I went over to keep him company and watched him play some. Got Final Fantasy VIII some time later and it went from there.
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User Info: heartlesshero17

4 years ago#3
I got FFVIII demo disc from pizza hut and just loved it. Years before when I was 4 I played FFI but didn't like it much back then and didn't know the name of the game until a few years after I beat FFVIII. Amazing how it was the same series. So I went back and tried them all
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User Info: BaconPancakes

4 years ago#4
I played a bit of Final Fantasy VII at a friend's house. He let me borrow the first disc. I then saw the movie. I then purchased Final Fantasy VIII.
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User Info: EscaSyra

4 years ago#5
I played this game called FFI for NES in '90 when I was about 3.

I played this game called FFIII (FFVI U.S.) for the SNES in '95.

Thought the games were alright. I enjoyed them both but I mainly played SRPG's like Command and Conquer and Age of Empires 2 back then. SRPG's was my favorite genre at the time, but then I played FFVII when it came out and ended up liking it much more than I and VI.

After VII came VIII, after VIII came Anthology so I could play V. Then IX, X, X-2, XII, and I finally got around to playing my personal favorite, Tactics, after XII. I really loved everything about that game.

Got XIII, liked it, haven't got XIII-2 yet but I still might. I'm interested in Lightning Returns and this so they'll come eventually. I really need to play II, III, and IV though. I've always meant to, but I haven't got around to it.

I liked all of the games, but some I only consider average at best. Good series. Looking forward to more fun games.
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User Info: KarnRX78

4 years ago#6
Friend had FF3 (FFVI) on his SNES. Watched him play it for a while. Borrowed it for a while. Been a fan since.
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User Info: yosimba2000

4 years ago#7
sister's friend came over and played some ff12 from the beginning. i watched it and i thought it seemed fun, so i bought it. still the best ff i've played so far.

User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#8

Thought it was going to be like Pokemon. It kinda was, only even better (at the time).
And it was the first FF released where I live.
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User Info: GameOverlord345

4 years ago#9
The first one I played was VII (only a few years ago) and I loved it. Then I played XIII which I really loved. Then I began buying them from the PSN store one by one. I have played VI, VII, VIII, IX and XIII and my favourite by far is IX.
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User Info: Dabrikishaw15

4 years ago#10
Kingdom Hearts.
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