What got you into Final Fantasy?

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User Info: bvanbove

4 years ago#71
Final Fantasy 1 at the age of...4 or 5. I remember sitting down with the world map and enemy chart that came with the game and playing through that game so carefully.
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User Info: BjorkLove

4 years ago#72
Kingdom Hearts for me, although ironically the first FF I played was XII which doesn't have any representation in KH.

User Info: jackal110

4 years ago#73
Friend of mine introduced me to FFVII back when it came out. Because of that, I've played every FF (except XI and XIV) since then. FF also got me playing Kingdom Hearts.
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User Info: Daemonator-Beta

4 years ago#74
The first I heard of Final Fantasy was my purchase of Dissidia for the PSP. After loving that, I played the recently released XIII and loved it despite the harsh reception it received. I then researched the Final Fantasy series to find out what else to play. I decided on the last 2D installment, VI. To this day it is my favourite Final Fantasy. From there I played all the other main series games except for XI and XIV and started my love affair with the JRPG genre :)
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User Info: Nathan R Rork

Nathan R Rork
4 years ago#75
When I was seven, my older brother bought this new NES game called Final Fantasy, and it looked really cool. The following 23 years have been entirely his fault.
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User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

4 years ago#76
FFVII was my first FF but it is by no means my favorite.

User Info: Detriiment

4 years ago#77
Family. I saw my cousin playing FF VI when I was around 12 yrs old, and after that bugged my parents to get me it. Must've beat it 4-5x now, every few years I replay it as it was my first. :)

From there I got VII, VIII, IX, X, and almost every other title in the series. I loved them all, except 13/13-2.

But, those games get enough bashing as it is.
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User Info: H0PSin

4 years ago#78
I was only 4-6 years old when we had the Playstation, so I never heard of Final Fantasy during that time, especially since I was mainly an N64 kid.

I heard about them whenever the PS2 came out but I didn't know anything about them at all. My brother was super hyped about FFX and I actually watched every minute of him playing it before I played it, which on one hand sucks because I knew what happened before I got to play it...but on the other hand it's one of my best memories in gaming. I never actually played the rest of them until I bought them on PSN or downloaded them on my computer...I still have only technically beaten one of them (I never actually beat the last boss in X, VII's the only one I beat), but I'm working on beating the others.

User Info: tiornys

4 years ago#79
Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior got me hooked on console RPGs, and then great FF titles just kept coming out.

User Info: Q Slick

Q Slick
4 years ago#80
(Will read preceding posts after writing this one)

What got me into FF was being bitten (no....GORED) by the RPG "bug" not long before the first one came out in the US. It started with a little game called (at the time) Dragon Warrior.

I could probably write a book about it. Lots of memories of those days. :)
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