POLL: What's your most favorite NES FF & why?

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User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#1
What NES FF is your most favorite? - Results (71 votes)
Final Fantasy I
32.39% (23 votes)
Final Fantasy II
29.58% (21 votes)
Final Fantasy III
38.03% (27 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The NES FFs rarely top polls because of the distance in time and technological progression so I decided to ask, which FF on the NES is your favorite and why? It might also help to list the 3 NES FFs (if you played them) in order from your favorite to least favorite.

User Info: ExdeathVoidLord

4 years ago#2
I guess I'd go with the first one. II had some semblance of story that I lacked, but I didn't care for how the game handled stat growth. III is a technically better game, but it feels sort of like a waste of time to play since V is similar to it and overshadows it in every way.
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User Info: donkeyjack

4 years ago#3
FF3 because the intro, music, and the gameplay was the best.

The story was solid but not better than FF2.

User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#4
I voted FFIII. It smoothed over the rough spots gameplay-wise from FFI & FFII (mainly targetting stupidity), had a lot of variety for a NES game (i.e. number of job classes), some nice, large dungeons with visual variability (i.e. Flame Cave, Hyne's Castle, Cave of Darkness, Temple of Time, etc). And while I enjoy the old school difficulty, giant packs of enemies, FFIII is the first game that tends to bring enemy pack size to the SNES levels, which makes dungeons less grueling (they seem to compensate for it with longer dungeons or having more mazes). They also avoided the cheap tricks like pick-a-door, 3 are traps from FFII. FFIII also feels like an epic adventure, with some amazing locales (Floating Continent, crystal tower, shrinking down to enter the innards of a temple or a tiny passageway, Cave of Darkness), several airships and secluded towns. Except for a few locations (like Sky Castle, Sunken Temple, some caves), many FFI-II locales were less amazing.

User Info: CelesColeVI

4 years ago#5
FFIII because of the gameplay at the time and the music is amazing.
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User Info: PrinceSquare

4 years ago#6
I would have to say III. The job system was fun as well as the customization.
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User Info: Weltall548

4 years ago#7
II because it has a plot.
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User Info: FF_Finisher

4 years ago#8
Weltall548 posted...
II because it has a plot.
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User Info: maxxxximum

4 years ago#9
Going by original NES versions, III. Going by the best versions of the first 3, II.
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User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#10
Glad to see FFII has a fanbase and isn't entirely an outcast.
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