Is Square Enix really that bad?

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User Info: ajmrowland1

3 years ago#41
BlazingRain posted...
No they aren't bad.

There's been an undercurrent of hate against Square/SE since at least VII's release, and it's just been getting more and more haters as each game releases.

We've just gotten to a point where the hate has overpowered any positivity.

Welcome to the internet.

User Info: Deva_Zan

3 years ago#42
SE don't know how to continue stories in a logical manner. When they attempt to make direct sequels, more often than not they miraculously manage to stomp all over the original game and render it irrelevant and useless. Look at the trajectory of the XIII trilogy, and then listen to the contents of the audio drama that purportedly introduces a third entry in the FFX series.

Please don't misunderstand me––SE can and do make great games, and I wouldn't criticize SE as harshly if it weren't for the facts that: 1) they emphasize the quality and importance of narrative in their FF games, and 2) fans usually let them get away with these shenanigans.

User Info: Tiael

3 years ago#43
DragoonGriffith posted...
screptile_ posted...

Refer to Tales of Graces f for exemplary customization.

Not gonna lie, I absolutely love the dualizing and Title system in it now (used to hate it, but then I got the hang of dualizing).
It and Rebirth have my favorite customization systems in the series.

Well, least you come around.
Trails in the Sky SC -

User Info: Lelouch71

3 years ago#44
Just typical internet stuff TC. Some people tend to over-exaggerate and be drama queens. SE is mediocre on their worst days. They are far from being the anti-Christ. I can't say I like some of their business decisions but they haven't done anything to earn my hate like say Capcom or MS.
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User Info: blankempathy

3 years ago#45
I think Square enix as far as their japanese games go is mostly mediocre. Last gen as far as games go was very mediocre. FFXIII was a mess and the sequels it spawned just make for a terribly incoherent mess of games. Most of their new ips bombed. They've shifted a lot of focus towards mobile gaming so much so that they seem to be content remaking their old cash cow games on those platforms. I don't know what square enix is doing anymore. People still get excited by new games they make but i don't. They're long from their glory days where they would put out classics after classic. Games that would come out of nowhere like ff tactics and xenogears etc and would just be amazing. It just seems like they've lost their passion for making games and instead focus on what can make them the most money. Can they still make good games? Yes. Ogre Tactics LUCT was great as well as the world ends with you. Plus I'd like to play FF type-0 someday but their pedigree has suffered. They're no longer a company that is expected to put out quality games anymore as far as im concerned. I'm very cautiously optimistic when it comes to seeing their new games.
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