The Best Romance in Final Fantasy (Spoilers!)

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User Info: Xyphas

3 years ago#1
Its Valentines day, vote for your favorite couple in Final Fantasy games - Results (981 votes)
Cecil & Rosa
6.93% (68 votes)
Cloud & Tifa
5.81% (57 votes)
Squall & Rinoa
20.39% (200 votes)
Zidane & Garnet
16.31% (160 votes)
Tidus & Yuna
26.81% (263 votes)
Cloud & Aeris
9.58% (94 votes)
Wakka & Lulu
1.83% (18 votes)
Balthier & Fran
3.47% (34 votes)
Snow & Serah
2.55% (25 votes)
6.32% (62 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Vote for your favorite couple and feel free to comment on why. Heres what I think:

For all you Tidus and Yuna fans out there, I'm sorry, this is not the best couple in Final Fantasy. But we will get to them later...

First of all, I think the FF XIII series butchered Snow and Serah. I thought the couple was odd from the beginning as Snow is a behemoth compared to Serah and looks more like he would be her father or older brother. Seriously, this dude was like robbin the cradle until I looked up the ages. The love is clearly there...if a bit over played. I always thought Snow & Lightning would have been more interesting- in fact their exchanges are among the most interesting and genuine in the game. This could be because I wanted to punch Snow during several moments in the game, so I am glad lightning did it for me. Your Fionce gets turned to crystal and the first thing you say is "sweet dreams!?" Your fired.

Next we will get to Cloud, who was kind of a player in Final Fantasy 7. My take on it is actually FF 7 has a huge love triangle. Cloud is more interested in Aeris, who is also interested in Cloud, but dies unfortunately. Cloud subconsciously is still in pursuit of Aeris, but Tifa is there instead. Cloud never quite interacts with Tifa on a very romantic level. Think about it, Cloud becomes more vurneable when talking with Aeris in comparison to Tifa-- we even see this on Advent Children. While Tifa is hardly sloppy seconds , its hard to root for either couple because we dont know what Cloud is thinking and Aeris is lost to the lifestream to help us out any further. So FF 7 doesnt really have any romance further than interest and theory.

Squall and Rinoa have a very realistic relationship. In fact, I liked this couple a bit more than Tidus and Yuna. My issue with Tidus and Yuna, is that they didnt really have any big "couple" like fights. I mean sure, Seymour tries to marry Yuna and Yuna has that constant impending doom through majority of the game...but ultimately, Tidus and Yuna's relationship is kind one dimensional in comparison to Squall and Rinoa. Squall hiding is feelings and Rinoa trying to get him to open up, often caused a more realistic interactions for the couple. There are so many moments this couple has, the dance, Squall Saving Riona countless times, the arguments, Squall carrying Rinoa a long distance, when she was in a coma like state and they even get trapped in space, which kinda tied the knot.

BUT, after all that...the best couple imo is Zidane and Garnet. Now I didnt think about this until replaying FF 9, but on the third disk, when Zidane visits Garnet with the party after being away for a while. Zidane is expected to say something to Garnet, but doesnt and says he has nothing to say. This particular section of the story, I thought was brilliant. Mainly because both Zidane and Garnet are strong leads. There is so much communicated by saying so little. And its a tease the writer did well up until the end of the story. While Squall and Rinoa may have had a more complex relationship, I felt Zidane and Garnet was the better paced and more fun to watch. We were hooked the moment Garnet held her own escaping Zidane in the beginning of the game.
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User Info: mistermikeymike

3 years ago#2
I used to think Squall and Rinoa were a cute couple.

But then I realized the Rinoa is a d*** hungry w**** who falls madly in love with attractive emotionally distant dbags most likely because of her outstanding daddy issues.

EDIT: The problem with Zidane and Garnet was that monkey human relationships should never exist. Plus it's unrealistic. I don't know any girl who would date a guy that short.

I'm going to have to go with Cecil + Rosa or Cloud + Tifa. Cloud + Tifa because they are childhood friends who really care about each other. The game may not spend that much time on their romance but it's clear they really care about each other and just don't know how to deal with the elephant in the room.
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User Info: new_tradition

3 years ago#3
I dig all of those except Cloud/Aerith and Squall/Rinoa.

Cloud/Aerith I can't embrace because I love Zack/Aerith and Cloud/Tifa a lot more.

Squall/Rinoa I just flat out hate. I love Squall's character, but the romance with Rinoa was just so...ugh. I just can't accept how his feelings for her basically came about while she was in frickin' a coma. Before that, Rinoa was just a client he had to appease, and I hated how everyone else tried to make him like her >_>

(I still think she liked Seifer more-if he hadn't gotten manipulated and sided with Uiltimecia, I think Rinoa probably would've tried to make things work with him.)

User Info: kupo1705

3 years ago#4
I cried when that guest character kissed Onion Knight #1 at the end of FFIII.
That was beautiful.

User Info: mistermikeymike

3 years ago#5
Mog and Molulu. troo luv
Don't let ExtremeLight troll you. He has not played FF1-9 and anything he says about them is completely made up. He also supports Cargo-Capri pants

User Info: Fa1nTy

3 years ago#6

balther and fran are basically business partners, there is very very very little romance between the two, even if there is a relationship there, it's very very limited in the story of xii
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User Info: pixel378

3 years ago#7
Tidus/ Yuna.
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User Info: Gabo78

3 years ago#8
Vivi and Quina.

User Info: Crunchy_Nuts

3 years ago#9
Cloud and Sephiroth.

User Info: TalesRevenant

3 years ago#10
pixel378 posted...
Tidus/ Yuna.
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