Would anyone else prefer a more classic medieval themed FF16?

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  3. Would anyone else prefer a more classic medieval themed FF16?

User Info: ShinGouken

3 years ago#21

FFXII airships are powered by mist too, in the form of skystones which are nethicite. Nethicite absorbs mist and emit energy that counters gravity. You see this effect (causing things to float) everywhere, especially in nethicite mines that cause entire cities to float.

They have futuristic designs, but you could replace them all with ships more similar in design to those of FFIX without consequence.

I would say that FFXII is a medieval setting with futuristic elements, not the other way around
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User Info: SugarFlakes

3 years ago#22
I wouldn't mind. I'd like that actually.
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User Info: The_Undying_84

3 years ago#23
theofficefan99 posted...
Well after XIV's generic-ass medieval setting it's safe to say I don't want any more medieval settings. Sci-fi/modern/steampunk/etc.>>>medieval any day.

XIV's not very medieval at all, even if you don't consider the empire.
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User Info: ChipNoir

3 years ago#24
Honestly, what part of Medieval are we talking about? The culture, the technology, the aesthetic? Because even from the very first game, Final Fantasy hasn't really had it's foot in particularly in the Medieval time setting.

Yes, there are kings, knights, sorcerers and archetypical evil-for-the-sake-of-it villains. But in a lot of these worlds, the cultures are very forward thinking. Gender roles aren't rigid, religion doesn't really hold sway in any particular FF world until X which ranges from modern to futuristic. There's no signs of a medieval feudal system, so much as kings/queens just exist and everyone else exists happily (or unhappily) under them.

And then there's the fact that nearly every single game has had sci-fi elements. The Floating Castle in the very first game is extremely high-tech compared to everything else. We have airships in worlds that otherwise have no other technological conveniences on par. The Tower of Babel, the Fireship, and the entirety of the Magitek Empire. Final Fantasy IX mirrors this to the extreme by not just devoting a small chapter, but entire concepts of interplanetary travel.

Even the 'modern' Final Fantasy worlds have very backwards towns for the most part. VII's Midgar is a sprawling metropolis, and Junon comes at a close second, but the rest of the world is very backwater. Likewise, only Galabadia and Balamb Garden in particular seem modern, while the rest of the world if not 'ancient' is at least very historically regressive by comparison

Arguments have already been made about XII, but really the way that world works puts me more in mind of Rome than Medieval Europe.

So really, what are we asking for again when we want "Medieval" Final Fantasy? If it's just kings, knights, and castles and dragons, maybe that might be nice to see again. But that strikes me more as a 'fairy tale' aspect than medieval.

But I'm nitpicking at 5:11 AM so ...whatever.
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User Info: Elice_Carol

3 years ago#25
A medieval setting would be nice, but it'll be forgettable if it doesn't have that something something to set it apart from other games of the same mold.
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User Info: Xenil

3 years ago#26
Medieval settings are my least favorite and they always need to rely on futuristic elements to make it seem more interesting. IV had you fly to the moon, IX always came across more industrial to me and XII had spaceship battles. I suppose I wouldn't mind if they went medieval for XVI but it's definitely not my preference.

User Info: rapius002

3 years ago#27
KOTRsss posted...
Thamauturge posted...
BlazingRain posted...

No it wasn't. The game was full of technology and had a big emphasis on futuristic airships.

IX did too though. XII's setting was a combination of the two. You had places like Archades which had top of the line technology since it was the capitol of a massive empire, but you also had places like Nalbina Fortress and Balfonheim which were mostly medieval fantasy. The game feels more medieval fantasy than VII, VIII and X because it also has armored knights, castles, etc.

IX had airships too. The very nature of airships anyways is "futuristic."

That's blatantly not true. Unless you're trying to claim that steam punk settings are futuristic, or hell, you'd also be saying that the 1940s is a futuristic setting by that logic.

FFIX features societies that have only just begun to develop and use airships in the last several decades. These airships have only the most basic functions of staying afloat and perhaps having mounted cannons on them. That isnt futuristic.

FFXII, on the other hand, has airships with ultra-high speed booster functions and LASER BEAMS. These are functions that still dont exist today. Additionally, FFXII's hospitals have IVs, their security systems have infra-red lasers, and they also have the technology to create machines with functioning AI.

There is a world of difference between FFXII's setting and FFIX's setting. The medieval aspect of the setting comes from societal structure and the fact that people wear full body armor and fight with swords and shields. But why they even bother doing so when they have airship armadas capable of firing laser cannons is a bit of a mystery and probably a result of shoddy storyboarding more than anything else. We know for a fact that Yasumi Matsuno struggled with the development process and eventually left because in SE Land, it is okay for Joe Concept Artist to say "hey wouldnt it be cool if we had futuristic airships? Let's have futuristic airships!" and then you have futuristic airships in your setting alongside armor toting knights. FFXIII had the same issue with one department having no idea that another department had decided to make Eidolons into transformer vehicles.

That's beside the point, though. FFIX's setting doesnt have technology that comes across as anything more advanced that steam punk, whereas FFXII's setting has patently futuristic technology.

That's been the way since the first game in the whole series. Or do you not remember having robots fight your warriors, mages, monks, etc.? Do you not remember the Mirage Tower and the Flying Fortress?

Final Fantasy has had a mix of futuristic technology and medieval settings/societies since day 1.
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User Info: jbergman

3 years ago#28
I would love a more medeival setting but all they realy need to do to succeed is to look at FFXIII and do the exact opposit of what they did on that damn game.
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User Info: FQ185

3 years ago#29
FFT/FF7/FF6/FF4 all rolled into one, please.

lmao @ fake fans who want modern setting. Jesus, go play some call of duty or nba 2k if you want modern setting, you fraud fans.

User Info: Lionhearth

3 years ago#30
FQ185 posted...
FFT/FF7/FF6/FF4 all rolled into one, please.

lmao @ fake fans who want modern setting. Jesus, go play some call of duty or nba 2k if you want modern setting, you fraud fans.

So you're the almighty God who decide who is a real fan and who is not ?
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