Do you want FF1-9 style overworld? OR something like GTA V + Lightning Returns?

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  3. Do you want FF1-9 style overworld? OR something like GTA V + Lightning Returns?

User Info: gfaqster

3 years ago#1
See its already confirmed that there will be Airships and other vehicles like cars or something to move around.

Now with that being said do you want an "overworld map" area like FF1-9 where you can control your character, walk around and towns and cities and caves are small and you need to press "x" to enter and explore new areas. You can use airships, boats, chocobos to reach new areas.

OR do you want just 1 big open world like a GTA V, Just Cause 2 or Lightning Returns type game that allows you to ride Chocobos, use an airship, vehicles and walk around but you NEVER actually walk on an overworld map and travel in the same style of top down view like in FF1-9.

Which would you prefer?
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User Info: Izraeil

3 years ago#2
Like Dragon Quest VIII.

User Info: AngryGFAQer

3 years ago#3
If I said Lightning Returns' overworld, would the terrible textures be included?
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User Info: CokaineCowboy77

3 years ago#4
GTA:V and LR are vastly different in terms of over-world. GTA:V is more akin to the older FF's where it was completely open-world, except townz/dungeons were segregated into separate areas. That's what XV will be like, methinks. LR doesn't have an over-world, it has four sort of large areas, completely disconnected from one another.

And since when could you ride an airship in LR?
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User Info: sevihaimerej

3 years ago#5
Izraeil posted...
Like Dragon Quest VIII.
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User Info: Xenil

3 years ago#6
I'd be happy with either.

Izraeil posted...
Like Dragon Quest VIII.

But not this.

User Info: AzureTempest23

3 years ago#7
I actually really liked Dragon Quest VIII's world map. Although, as long as there is an actual world map, I could not care less.
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User Info: Sairenji

3 years ago#8
The game was said to be so big, right? They probably include both & we could swap between those 2, real scale map mode & smaller scale map mode.

Not sure if i'm making any sense though.

User Info: HustleBones

3 years ago#9
I assume what you mean by GTAV/Lightning Returns style are 3D environments your character directly navigates and interacts with, rather than the overworld just being another dimension you move through to get from battle to battle.

The nature of FFXV requires this but Lightning Returns kind of proved the incompetence of the artists in that regard. All they know and cling to are their high res textures and their pretty little patterns. The world geometry was really appalling and it's just so apparent that their engine is only built for flat textures in 10ft wide corridors and skyboxes. That and high polygon characters (which looked awful on the horribly designed NPCs).

I would love a world like Los Santos, with an attention to detail that makes the place really feel alive, but I don't have much faith in their ability to deliver. Their priorities have been wrong for far too long.

I don't really fancy an overworld and then separate dungeons/towns but if that's the case I wouldn't hate it. It would still feel like a let down though, and further reinforce my opinion that the 1st Production Department are incapable of keeping up with modern gaming. I hope I'm wrong and honestly, the trailer make it seem like I will be but, we all know what FF trailers are like.

User Info: MajinKogahazan

3 years ago#10
sevihaimerej posted...
Izraeil posted...
Like Dragon Quest VIII.
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