Does anybody actually like linearity in their games? [Serious]

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  3. Does anybody actually like linearity in their games? [Serious]

User Info: Bissomoneybags

3 years ago#1
Do you like linearity? - Results (635 votes)
23.31% (148 votes)
13.23% (84 votes)
63.46% (403 votes)
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Straight forward question. Most of the time, I see people bashing XIII and the like since it's main drawback is linearity. But is there anyone out there that doesn't mind their worlds to be more linear, as opposed to massive open worlds like Skyrim?

Me personally, I just don't see the appeal of massive open world games, granted there are some exceptions. But when developers start making worlds like Skyrim and the majority of the landscape is just barren and filled with trees, how is this in anyway satisfying? I'd rather have a linear game that's well constructed versus an open world that's horribly designed. And whenever there are open worlds, I can't help but feel that it just feels more like "filler" than anything else and detracts from the storyline (usually in a bad way).Anyone else feel this way? I think XIII was good at what it did, albeit the bad acting from the characters. A good example of linearity was FFX. Well crafted, allowed some freedom, and maintained to the storyline well.

Honest responses welcome, and please no trolling. Thanks guys and enjoy the discussion!

User Info: Extreme_light

3 years ago#2
Good open world > Good linear world > bad open world > Bad linear world

So it depends for me. I would rather have open world with many thing to do. But I also detest some sandbox. There are also some games that should honestly stick with linearity... RPGs aren't those games imo. Linearity should be in more games with shorter adventures, have a more storytelling focus, or to provide a cinematic gaming experience.

But linearity isn't really good or bad for me. It's all about execution. My problem with FF13 isn't so much as the linearity but rather the lack of exploring Cocoon in more depth.
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User Info: KOTRsss

3 years ago#3
Linearity isnt some cut and dry issue like some people frame it.
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User Info: Hammer_of_Wrath

3 years ago#4
Pretty much what everyone else said so far. Linear or open, a badly designed game is bad.
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User Info: ChipNoir

3 years ago#5
I tend to focus on moving the story along. "Open World" always translates to "Superfluous meaningless crap" to me.
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User Info: Neofabito

3 years ago#6
^ I came here to say that. You totally ninja'd me.
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User Info: Iightningz

3 years ago#7
I like linearity. I hate games like fallout and skyrim where you put me in an expansive open world without telling me where to go.
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User Info: J_Dawg983

3 years ago#8
In rpg's. less linear the better. I'd much rather have the ability to explore around rather than how ff13 was.
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User Info: ilikeikeilikeik

3 years ago#9
Well I hate wandering around aimlessly not knowing what to do. I'd take linearity over that any day.
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User Info: Nomorice4U

3 years ago#10
ChipNoir posted...
I tend to focus on moving the story along. "Open World" always translates to "Superfluous meaningless crap" to me.

Yeh. I want a grandiose adventure with a grandiose and linear story progression with a more open world feel to it. This was given to me when I played things like Zelda (ooc and later), FFVI-IX, legaia 1, star ocean 1-2, etc. (where open world maps existed).

To me modern JRPG feels confused. The correct development for JRPG should've felt more like Dragon Quest VIII, not FFX in terms of exploration (not saying X is bad).

Open world, all exploration like fallout makes me feel insignificant. Linear world, all story like FFXIII makes me feel cramped. I miss explorable open world with linear storyline like Skies of Arcadia where exploration isn't sacrificed in favor of progressions and vice versa.
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  3. Does anybody actually like linearity in their games? [Serious]

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