Which summon would you like to see make a return

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User Info: JuicyHamburg3r

3 years ago#31
SpaceGodziIIa posted...
KOTRsss posted...
None of those particularly strike my fancy.

I dont much care for summoning cute critters in the midst of combat to strike down my foes. Never cared much for Gilgamesh either. Leave well enough alone.

Yojimbo was always just a poor man's Odin, Atomos was fantastic in IX and should be left alone for a while. Kjata is a giant bull, Hades is pretty boring, and Doomtrain is Thomas the Tank Engine on acid.

Not sure if humanoid summons will fit with FFXV because of the fact that they're so massive and you have to fight them. I guess Atomos could be a pretty cool fight in that sense.


Yojimbo > Odin.

Zanmato > Zantetsuken.

Why Odin is better than Yojimbo, the full report, in detail.

First I will explain why Zantesuken=Zanmato.

Odin and Yojimbo are the same pretty much. So that being said, if Odin was in FFX Zantesuken would be as proficient as Zanmato. Also if Yojimbo was in other FFs, he would be nerfed so that Zanmato did what Zantesuken did.
What I'm saying is, that I believe, Zanmato and Zantesuken are just more proficient in X, and less profficiant in other FFs.

Now let's put Yojimbo and Odin in the same FF universe and see how their powers would demonstrate.

Now if this was the standard FF where summons are used as spells and since Gungir is only in V (As far as I know) lets assume it's a FF with only Zantesuken for Odin. Odin would be used by costing MP and 100% chance of using Zantesuken, killing all enemies. Yojimbo would be summoned and would either cost both MP and a fixed amount Gil or just a fixed amount of Gil, and would probably have a 25% chance of using either Daguerro, Kozuka, Wakazashi or Zanmato.
Therefore, Odin would be more profficiant than Yojimbo.

If it was in X, Odin would mostly likely have have a 75% of doing Gungir (Which would do damage equal to Wakazashi) and 25% of doing Zantesuken. And you'd most likely have to give a fixed amount of money opposed to bargening with Yojimbo. Therefore in X, I'd say they'd be equals.

In a real time battle I'd say Osin would win because of his horse. Yojimbo would have high evade and Defense, and equal strengt but wouldn't be very fast, and could dodge or slice in half most Gungir spears and wouldn't fall into the trap that is Zantesuken, easily. Meanwhile Odin would have higher evade and very hifh speed thanks to Slephnir, equal strength, lower defense but not by too much. Even off his horse I think they'd have equal evade but Odin having more speed. Anyway, because of Slephnir Odin would be able to easily dodge all of Yojimbo's attacks and could get hits on Yojimbo with Gungir and maybe a Zantesuken.

That is why I think Odin is more powerful. It's valid, if you ask me.
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User Info: Xenosheart

3 years ago#32
I want more "special" Summons to return, like FF VIII Odin who appears randomly at the start of a battle. Also, Diablos and Knights of the Round. Valefor was great too. Siren was nice but probably not going to appear due to Leviathan.
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User Info: Lelouch71

3 years ago#33
Diablos, Ramuh, Ifrit, Knight of Rounds, Yojimbo, and Alexander
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User Info: Vanitas_Remnant

3 years ago#34
Jumbo Cactuar!

Maybe this time he won't shave after you get him as a summon
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User Info: ExdeathVoidLord

3 years ago#35
I'll go with Doom Train. I'd also like to see Gilgamesh make an appearance, but I'd rather him not show up as a summon.
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User Info: judge-sal

3 years ago#36
or maybe Shiva in her Knight Form
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User Info: Finis-XII

3 years ago#37
Neither Alexander or Raiden (Odin), are on here so none of the above.
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User Info: jelash

3 years ago#38
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User Info: Nestama

3 years ago#39
judge-sal posted...
or maybe Shiva in her Knight Form

Would this do?
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User Info: Pibugo

3 years ago#40
Finis-XII posted...
Neither Alexander or Raiden (Odin), are on here so none of the above.

People who don't pay attention, I swear. I'm pretty sure this topic was about the hazardous ones that appeared only a few times and/or haven't appeared in the more recent ones.

JuicyHamburg3r posted...
Why Odin is better than Yojimbo, the full report, in detail.

Nothing suggests that Odin would be instakill, though. FFVI had an instakill attack, but Odin didn't (barring glitches), FFVII had an instakill attack, but Odin didn't, FFVIII had an instakill attack, but Odin didn't.

But that's the difference between Odin/Raiden/Gilgamesh and Yojimbo. Zanmato can kill bosses as well. The only bosses I can think off, of the top of my head, there are a few bosses in FFV that can be Zantetsuken'd, including the final boss (though it only kills 1 part of it, but it's a common strat in challenges to use Magic Lamp to instantly kill the Meteo part), and in FFVI, I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can Vanish/Atom(True) Edge any enemy you can Vanish/Doom, but that's about it.

As for Gungnir, it exists in VII and IX as well (though, you have to use Odin's Sword support ability in IX to have Gungnir deal damage), and in FFIII, you can make him do Slash rather than Zantetsuken.

JuicyHamburg3r posted...
Odin would be used by costing MP and 100%

Except a lot of the time, Zantetsuken is quite restricted. In FFIV, it's strictly 50% chance for non-bosses. In FFV, it only kills enemies that don't have "Heavy" status, though admittedly Odin rocks in couple specific scenarios, and he's used for grinding on the best enemies in the game ^^ In FFVI/VII, it doesn't work on anyone with immunity to Death, which almost every enemy is, so it sucks big time. FFVIII, back to the FFIV route (kind of) though the chance is lowered to around 25% of it being used at the beginning, but fortunately it works 100% of the time, so it's actually pretty good (but I rarely get it for perfect game purposes, it hinders stuff like Angelo Searching and playing as low level), and in IX, it's 50% chance again (at best, though it's affected by how many Ores you have), but it rocks in IX because it's once again used for best enemies to gain EXP ^^

Bottom line: Sushimaster Zanmato 2000 < The Sword that cuts metal, IMHO, though I like Odin more in terms of appearance, Yojimbo wins for me because he attacks with a dog. I mean, c'mon, a horse. Man, really? Did a horse ever escape from your house just to go to a bar and get food from people there? Did a horse ever swim in oil and make you clean that for hours upon hours? Did a horse ever rip your brand new couch made of leather, into shreds? Did a horse always puke in the car on every car trip for 14 years? I could keep asking these questions for hours, but you get the point :D

Also, sorry for the wall of text, I just felt like writing a wall :)
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