Since FFXV is KH without kiddie themes

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User Info: peonus

3 years ago#11
PainsPerception posted...

This game was said to have some kind of yakuza/mafia influence.

One of the trailers was actually based off Yakuza style intros.

The way the director, artists, and etc credits roll is the style they use in Yakuza films I believe. At least its very familiar to the Yakuza films I've seen.

User Info: _XOF

3 years ago#12
XV is a little closer to home for Nomura than KH is, so I wonder what issues he'd care about.

A main subject is bonds, that is, relationships. I imagine that character interaction will be a significant factor. Whereas XIII is more about the lore and the world (that, unfortunately, we don't really get to explore, at least, for most of the game), XV seems to be more about the people. That isn't to say the FNC mythology will not play a big role, but I don't think it will take precedent over the characters.

User Info: EscaSyra

3 years ago#13
Sexism - Sammiches edition
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User Info: OmecronBlazor

3 years ago#14
EscaSyra posted...
Sexism - Sammiches edition
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User Info: donkeyjack

3 years ago#15
KH isn't kiddie. TF wrong with Pain?

User Info: rapius002

3 years ago#16
Sex trafficking
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