Would you have preferred the in-game invasion of Insomnia, or Kingsglaive?

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  3. Would you have preferred the in-game invasion of Insomnia, or Kingsglaive?

User Info: miki_sauvester

11 months ago#1
Which would you have rather had: the in-game invasion of Insomnia, or Kingsglaive? - Results (233 votes)
In-game invasion of Insomnia
89.7% (209 votes)
10.3% (24 votes)
This poll is now closed.
As people are finishing the game, I think more and more people are realizing that the story of this game was severely hampered by not having a well-established backstory, which having an in-game invasion of Insomnia certainly would have helped. Should they have kept it in-game?

Some footage of the in-game invasion of Insomnia here for those not familiar with it:

User Info: ManaYuka

11 months ago#2
Obvious I play video games more than I watch movies. This is a game forum afterall.
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User Info: Seferaga

11 months ago#3
In game invasion. I think everything outside of the game should have been included in the game.
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User Info: JohnUchihaLee

11 months ago#4
In-game invasion would have awesome. Not only would we have been able to experience Insomnia before it was destroyed but it probably would have fixed at least some of the story problems.
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User Info: donkeyjack

11 months ago#5
Game version because to me, games>>>>>any form of medium.
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User Info: Zero 0083

Zero 0083
11 months ago#6
I appreciated the film, I really did, but I would like to play that invasion. It would have been nice and added to Luna's characterization more.
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User Info: faireya

11 months ago#7
I'd take exploring Insomnia before the invasion, but the actual invasion was fine as a movie.

User Info: anonymous1259

11 months ago#8
I don't really care that much about the movie, I would want them spending their time and effort on game content 1,000 times over.

User Info: phaces

11 months ago#9
Kingsglaive is deep fried trash story wise. Should have been in game as a chapter or two.

User Info: gloriaficus

11 months ago#10
Everything in game.
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  3. Would you have preferred the in-game invasion of Insomnia, or Kingsglaive?

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