Guys don't let Pokemon win

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User Info: FaustXII

8 months ago#1
Please, we can't let this overhyped trash win over a FF title, no matter how disappointing it was.

User Info: Mountainface

8 months ago#2
FaustXII posted...
Please, we can't let this overhyped trash win over a FF title, no matter how disappointing it was.

If it's a better game, it's a better game. I haven't played a pokemon game in years. All I know, is that this game should not win.

User Info: The_Undying_84

8 months ago#3
Pokemon is an okay game.

FFXV is a remarkably terrible game.
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User Info: Default64

8 months ago#4
How about no?

User Info: Kenneth_Writer

8 months ago#5
If that screenshot is reason enough for you, what about all of the questionable topics on this board?
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User Info: Burdicus

8 months ago#6
FFXV should have already won.
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User Info: Smeltedfist

8 months ago#7
Heres the funny thing though Pokemon is winning basically because its still turn based at least the traditional ones. Final Fantasy is losing because it turned away from the main formula and the graphics engine didn't help much for what route they decided to take.
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User Info: Knave_Of_Hearts

8 months ago#8
I imagine over on the Pokemon boards there's saying something like "we can't let this overhyped trash beat a Pokemon game!"

Fanboys will be fanboys. The reality is that neither of this games are even remotely close to GotY.
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User Info: DaDrkKnight

8 months ago#9
Its sad when the actual board for the game is like "lol, no."
To put things into perspective the Pokemon board is pretty unified, with most at least saying its better than XV despite this Pokemon game not being exactly what they wanted.
At least I can count on Breath of the Wild to be good. MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE AGAIN, SOLID GAMES!

User Info: ChaozCloud

8 months ago#10
If someone wants to marry a Pokemon then let them marry a Pokemon. It's not like it affects you in any way and it's not like they harm anyone by doing it.
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