Raise your hand if this is your GOTY 2016

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User Info: MarBeats

11 months ago#41
i played TW3 and The last of us last year. so no way not even close at all.
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User Info: DASchenk85

11 months ago#42
*Raises hand*

User Info: sinxsader

11 months ago#43
DASchenk85 posted...
*Raises hand*
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User Info: NovaFox28

11 months ago#44
closetblonde posted...
Jutopero posted...
cecilthepaladin posted...
*Raises hand*

User Info: egpNoodlez

11 months ago#45
*raises hand* Took it from DkS III for me. I love Souls, damn well I do I have platinum in all five Soulsborne games. But the game I couldn't stop playing was definitely FFXV, as badly flawed and obviously incomplete as it is (srsly WoR why u do dis 2 me?). Heck it's STILL in my damned PS4 right now, even though I got Gravity Rush 2 last week! ARGH

User Info: cecilthepaladin

11 months ago#46
I'm proud of how many people raised their hands. I didn't think anyone else shared my sentiment. Thank you, my friends
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User Info: KarasuShiro

11 months ago#47
you're welcome TC ^^
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User Info: kingstag

11 months ago#48
Yikes … FFXV wasn't even in my top ten for the year. As a longtime fan of the series it was just so disappointing to me mainly because I was so thoroughly bored with it. I guess I've moved on.

User Info: The_Ivory_Man

11 months ago#49
Yeah I'd say it is.

Hitman is a close 2nd though.
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User Info: Smackems

11 months ago#50
cecilthepaladin posted...
*Raises hand*

I'll say that 2016 also wasn't a great year for gaming, with the only other games I would call great being Dark Souls 3 and DOOM.
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