Best Main Character FINAL

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User Info: Red_Terra

2 days ago#1
Best Main Character FINAL

Terra x Cloud forever!

User Info: ChingTheMonkey

2 days ago#2
"I am the wind. And the wind... you can't kill." -
The Official Flash of the Gamefaqs Justice League

User Info: Makio

2 days ago#3
torn between zidane and cloud, i guess i'll go with zidane

User Info: Microcastle

2 days ago#4
"So look, see the sights, the endless summer nights,
And go play the game that you learned from the morning."

User Info: Gabytmax

2 days ago#5
Cloud. Because of the incredible depth of his character.
Not just fail.... Epic Fail!!!

User Info: Flare1721

2 days ago#6
Ray f***ing Chase.
FFXV "Hellfire" -
Mega Man Legends 3 -

User Info: miki_sauvester

2 days ago#7
anyone but noctis and lightning

User Info: shababboss

2 days ago#8
Noctis. He actually feels normal(and humble) despite being royalty compare to all of these artificial characters.

User Info: VanilleHopen

2 days ago#9
Cloud.. He is a gaming icon.. None of the others even come close to matching that level.
Haru from persona 5 has a big ass head, FF XV Sold out and Riki still sucks in battle.

The real question: Abridged Cloud or Abridged Tidus?
"Within everyone is the choice, the freedom to embrace cruelty or empathy." -Guthix
Sometimes known as Benjie from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
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