Where would you rank Noctis among the other FF main protagonists?

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  3. Where would you rank Noctis among the other FF main protagonists?

User Info: Thanos_Galactus

1 month ago#1
In your opinion?

User Info: Dire

1 month ago#2
Meh. 1.5 out of 10. Slightly better than Lightning, who is the worst.

User Info: ragekit

1 month ago#3
Easier to stomach than Lightning "Worst Birthday Ever" Faron and more interesting than non-protagonist Vaan, but less interesting than the protagonists of any other 3D FF.
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User Info: Asetoni

1 month ago#4
Top 3. Noctis's character was one of the highlights of this game.

User Info: Peachi

1 month ago#5
Middle ? He's okay. He's fine. Though he's no Zidane, Squall or Terra.
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User Info: Majarubi

1 month ago#6
2/10. Less interesting than majority of the other protagonists in the series, barely more so than Vaan, Penelo, the cast of I, II, III, and V (less than Gilgamesh, Faris, and Galuf though). At least he had a little character development through the game. The demos had me hopeful, the game itself is a disappointment to say the least.
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User Info: Romangelo

1 month ago#7
Very plain and generic design. The same old stoic type.


User Info: Rahjik

1 month ago#8
Honestly, he's one of my favorites. Sure, he doesn't have many redeeming qualities at first, being a spoiled heir to the throne... but once he realizes the harsh reality of what has to be done, he stops his whining and becomes a seriously awesome protagonist. His warp strikes will always be memorable to me, and his character design looks cool no matter if its 8bit, 16bit, etc.
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User Info: MagusNotFrog

1 month ago#9
I would rank him higher if his character development was handled smoother, and not thrown into us.
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User Info: Tkmajing

1 month ago#10
At the bottom, he is even worse than Vaan or Lightning.
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  3. Where would you rank Noctis among the other FF main protagonists?

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