Brutal Combo

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User Info: AzNx92

8 years ago#1
How does the brutal combo work? I mean when I press square cross square, in between the combo, they punch me back. I've tried pressing it fast, slow, whatever I could think of.

User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

8 years ago#2
It's square triangle square.
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User Info: AzNx92

8 years ago#3
Sorry about that, yes, I did press square triangle square not cross. Just a mistake in typing.

User Info: tagamaynila425

8 years ago#4
Press triangle the moment the first punch lands. Practice at the boat to perfect the timing.
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User Info: DarkAbyss10

8 years ago#5
Tap Triangle DURING the first punch, and press square again DURING the 2nd. always works for me.

User Info: aaroncort

8 years ago#6
thanks, I was having trouble with it too.
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User Info: st017

8 years ago#7
For me I hit square, triangle, wait a second, then hit square again. If you tap the third one without a pause the person you are fighting hits you almost every time.

User Info: aaroncort

8 years ago#8
Also mashing buttons won't work. I'm a button masher and usually quickly press sq, sq,sq until it hits and then try to press tri but that doesn't work. you have to hit each button only once.
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User Info: silver_fox_123

8 years ago#9
I never manage to get the brutal combo to work if I hit the next button at the moment the punches connect. I can guarentee myself a 100% success rate only by pressing the button for the next blow a split second after the punch connects.
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