Creatures?? Is the story connected to Uncharted 2's story (SPOILERS-MAYBE)

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User Info: darkassassin911

6 years ago#1

Hi guys,

So I got a Ps3 a couple days back and I was wondering a couple things, it would be really great if you guys could help me. I basically have 2 questions to ask you guys:

1. I have been searching all over the internet but couldnt get anything, what are the creatures that you have to fight like 80%at the end of the game, a pictue if them would be great, but its fine if you guys just tell me some of its features.

2. I was wondering this, but is the story of Uncharted 1 related to the story of Uncharted 2, like is Uncharted 2's story a continuation?

Thanks for all your help in advance, hopefully if you guys want we could play some Killzone 2 together

User Info: trak90

6 years ago#2
1. They remind me of Gollum from lord of the rings, but much scarier especially when there are hordes rushing towards you

2. The story has no connection to the second game. Except that it features some of the main heroes

User Info: darkassassin911

6 years ago#3

THank you great answer, now about the creatures,

1. roughly how many encounters do you have with them

2. are they hard to kill

3. do they still look human, and are there movements still human, so basically do they act like zombies.

THanks again in advance

User Info: trak90

6 years ago#4
1. They appear in about 2 and half chapters near the end

2. The easiest way to kill them is to run and gun. Don't bother aiming, it'll automatically target them if they're close enough

3. Again, think Gollum. They crawl around fast and lunge at you when they attack. Pretty much what Gollum does in the movies, except they don't say "my precious"

User Info: ajbit19

6 years ago#5
They're the Spaniards. No, they're humanoid at this point. They move more like monkeys. They can survive being shot with a .44.
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User Info: reborn_Xtreme

6 years ago#6
they're grossy to be honest
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User Info: NettoSaito

6 years ago#7
The creatures look like humans but a bit.. different. As for the story, yes It's connected as in it's the 2nd game, but no doesn't pick up right after the end of 1.

Think of it like a movie/other video games. 2 follows the same characters and some things are brought up from the past, but other than that it's a fully new story.
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User Info: Enju

6 years ago#8
3. They're freaking zombies... well not really but they act and look enough like zombies that I think that's the easiest way of putting it.

They're not too difficult to kill just shoot at them without aiming like another person said the good ol' "run and gun" strategy works quite well with them. Also, they're not too difficult because i'm easily scared and a whimpazoid but so far I've made it through the creatures just keep stocking up on ammo and keep pushing forward. Hint: -minor spoilers ahead- there is one room where they will just keep coming once the last door opens so you have to just run through that door. Took me a minute to figure that out.

Side note: Something I really like in this game that my friend brought up is that Drake himself just sometimes makes these little comments that fit perfectly with what the player is thinking right at that moment in the game like "Sweet" when picking up some powerful weapon or "Oh crap!" as a ledge is crumbling and right when my friend made his comment on this observation was when the creatures first showed up and I yelled out "Are you freaking kidding me!?" immediately after that Drake yelled "You've gotta be freakin' kidding me!" [ something that was almost exactly what I yelled two seconds ago ] It was a great moment and stuff like that is why I love this game. It's like the developers played through the entire game themselves then programmed in their own reactions to playing the game for Drake to say at that moment.

My side note got a bit long... but yeah this game rocks and I can't wait to get Uncharted 2 after beating this one.
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User Info: ajbit19

6 years ago#9
That **** would be on my tombstone, "Here Lies *MY NAME*, Who Died Fighting a ****ING LION. RIP *MY NAME*, Whose Balls Were Like Brass." -Black_Arch

User Info: bizhar

6 years ago#10

Run and fire, don't aim using L1 and shotgun is your best bet when available especially during the first encounter. Later you will be using a german machinegun (I don't remember the name), do don't waste your time aiming as it will slow you down and will higher the chance of being hit. you will have a LOT of ammo so keep runing in curcles when surounded and shoot when you see them arround and don't get too close.

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