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User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#11
When does this happen because i don't recall it ever happening to me

I think he’s referring to once the battle starts and they converge on you. Either way, you’re right…you can usually take out at least one or two dudes with stealth in many areas.

Again when does this ever happen?

He’s referring to Chapter 4 when you discover the airplane or the final battle in the church when Sully’s with you. Then come from one side, then once that wave’s done, they come from the other. But they never come from all sides at once…they wait until you kill all the guys on one side before the other shows so it’s not like it’s that crazy. Again, I fail to see what’s so cheap about it.

Beat that room on my first attempt on crushing and it was pathetically easy

I had a tough time since I had two grenade shots and three magnum shots when I entered that area and had to get creative and make sure every shot was a kill. Had to leave the last guy alive while I picked up the dead guy’s ammo then killed the last guy which spawned more. Again, I figure it’s just challenge and strategy since I learned where they spawned from and knew where to stand and react.

Or the times (Chapter 6 I think) where you come into the courtyard and have 5 or 6 guys up on the battlements

It really looks more and more like this guy just wanted guys to run up to him so he could shoot them. You can get these guys many ways…hug the wall to prevent them from getting you, throw grenades up there or hide behind the car and nail them when they shoot down. It amazes me how he brags about he’s done everything in the game and never figured out a decent strategy for any of the areas he whines about. Maybe action games aren’t his thing?

UC1 wasn't cheap in the slightest compared to UC2 and UC3

I don’t know about UC2 and UC3 but I agree. I felt that Crushing was easily the most fun mode in the game since I couldn’t just pick off guys one by one and not worry about getting shot. Even playing on Hard on my first playthrough wasn’t that tough since you can still absorb a few bullets before you’re in danger. Crushing changed the game entirely and for the good. I wish you could chose that difficulty right from the start.

User Info: Kujja

5 years ago#12
Just bought this game, its pretty fun. Apparently its serious business though judging from this thread, can't wait to have a well formed opinion to argue!

User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#13
To be specific, this thread is about the “Crushing” difficulty which is the toughest and isn’t even available until you play the game once. It’s certainly tougher as only a few bullets can kill you but I enjoyed it as it made me change my strategy. Either way, enjoy the game and let us know what you think. Plus the sequel is even better.

User Info: KryptoPyro13

5 years ago#14
I started U1 after playing U3 on Crushing and I feel that U1 is a lot harder, even on Normal. >_> Enemies are like sponges soaking up bullets (even later ones which a head shot doesn't even OHKO?), and you can't sneak up on a lot of enemies. The most glaring offender being getting to the monastery where you're supposed to sneak around (according to the cutscene). The moment I stealth-killed a single enemy? Everyone else on the map turns around and starts shooting at me. >__>;
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