Final Boss strategies, etc (Spoilers, naturally)

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User Info: Jikan_Kishi

9 years ago#1
Okay, I'm fighting Ashera.

What the hell? Seriously, this has to be the most cheap boss battle I've ever been in.

And I've played Fire Emblem 7-9 as well as countless other RPGs...

So yeah, wardwood works great against those elementals... yup.

Cover works wonders when Ashera uses her Area Effect Attack... yup.

But what the hell's with her single unit attack?

She can hit ANYWHERE and kill ANYONE in a single blow... WHAT THE HELL?!?

Pardon my langauge but I've breezed through this game so far.. with the exception of Micaiah's group taking on Ike's group near the end of Part 3.

I even beat the King of Dragons there, Dheginsea in a single turn.

Ashera is just overpowered and cheap.

She always targets my healers (Rhys or Micaiah) or Renning.

Here's my team (Note I used my master seals/ master crowns only on the Dawn Brigade, which I'm not using)

My final team is:

Ike Lv 20 Vanguard
Micaiah Lv 13 Light Priestess
Sothe Lv 11 Whisper
Sanaki Lv 16 Empress
Kurthnaga Lv 32 Dragon Prince
Tibarn Lv 37 Hawk King
Caineghis Lv 37 Lion King
Renning Lv 20 Gold Knight
Gatrie Lv 16 Marshall
Shinon Lv 15 Marksman
Volke Lv 18 Assassin
Soren Lv 12 Arch Sage
Rhys Lv 2 Saint (yeah I didn't level him as much as I could have and I understand that)
Mia Lv 20 Trueblade
Reyson Lv 24 Heron
Nasir Lv 34 White Dragon
Boyd Lv 13 Reaver

With Gareth and Ena in reserve

Any tips/tricks, should I scale back my party and kick the weaker units to the curb?

How can I get this to work without losing any units. I haven't lost a single character thus far and I refuse to let anyone die now.

As far as the FAQs go, there's nothing in-depth regarding the final boss, no offence but you might as well have "Win." in the description.

I also love how the game clearly doesn't show how Ashera can attack anywhere let alone everywhere I mean her movement is 0 and her attack range is 1-2....

I have Nihil on only Ike and Tibarn (I didn't realize about the removing and relocating skills until I reached this chapter) But like I said, I've done well so far, why is this battle suddenly so one sided.

User Info: IceTidus

9 years ago#2
I didn't bring many healers to that chapter.
Make sure you have some characters with Nihil attack the boss.
Also, Ike needs to finish off the boss or she'll reheal. >_>
Elincia is a good healer for that chapter because of her uber sword and godly speed.

User Info: Hero_Ike

9 years ago#3
I took characters that Ashera would kill easily out of the battle (Like Haar <.<)
Despite my name I'm no RP'er at least not frequently, and I'm not an Ike fanboy either, I just... like my name lol

User Info: asianknight82

9 years ago#4
pay close attention to all characters with low res, they are Ashera's prime target.

User Info: h2m0n0xide

9 years ago#5
If you have a provoke in your convoy, you should stick that on a dragon like Nasir, who can take the damage transformed. Provoke + Imbue --> she will double Nasir for 24 damage each attack (48 damage), and with Imbue he will heal himself completely at the start of player phase. I once had Shinon with his provoke on still going into Endgame and she kept targeting him with her single-target attacks. I think some of your character levels are a bit low going into Endgame. Most of my characters were at least level 17-18 in tier 3, with a few at level 20. The majority of my party was at 17-18 with capped major stats. Kurthnaga looks like he's at a decent level though. Boyd is another good one to stick Nihil on, if he's maxed Strength and Speed. Standing next to Nasir and Ena, he can nearly take out an aura by himself as Reavers have some of the best caps for dealing with Endgame bosses.

User Info: Interceptor402

9 years ago#6
Some tips for you:

- Her AOE attacks are proximity based when it comes to damage. The closer you are, the more damage it does. Keep your weak units back.
- I think her single target is magic based, so keep fragile units on Wardwood.
- Do you have any Pure Waters? Use em.
- Kurthnaga gives +5 DEF/RES to anyone in the four spaces adjacent to him. Abuse this.
- Don't deploy your weak-assed people that you didn't bother levelling, they will just die.
- Put Provoke on someone with a crapload of RES, to help attract spirits.
- Please tell me you have a Fortify staff.

You should be able to win just by virtue of the fact that you brought two royals, saved Nasir, and have decently levelled people in other areas. Don't go for max deployment, just try to kill as many auras in a single turn as you can. You probably can't win in 3 turns, but you should be able to do it in 4-5.
"The best ways, don't always lead to the best results." - Delita

User Info: InfiniSephiroth

9 years ago#7
I just beat her last night but your party is a lot different than mine. First of all you probably have done this but use all your BEXP and stat increase items. The dragons were an important part of my strategy because they boost anyones stats who are around them. Give them some way to transform in the beginning and then position your strongest and fastest around them, preferably putting them by a red and white dragon to boost speed for double attacks and strength.

Have your heron transform first turn to survive. Hopefully you have fortify, but if not do your best to heal. As for her single attack try battle saving right before her turn. For me she always targeted dragons and she hit Gareth and he survived with about 7hp. Try to use your heron to get at least 2 if not 4 of your best fighters to attack.

I would leave out weaker characters who won't do much such as Sothe, or at least he was for me. Also make sure to destroy all of the spirits that pop up with your weaker characters.

User Info: InfiniSephiroth

9 years ago#8
sorry for the double but using that strategy I beat her on the fourth turn before she used her single attack again

User Info: Jikan_Kishi

9 years ago#9
Okay, liking the responses, guys. Thanks!

Here's my staff situation:

3 Physics: 3, 4, 15/15
2 Mends: 15, 19/20
2 Recovers: 13, 15/15
Silence: 3/3

And Fortify and Hammerne (unused, yet)

I also have Matrona 3/3 but Micaiah only has an S in Staffs right now, she's about halfway to SS

I also have Formshift on the three kings (of course) and Laguz gems on Nasir and Reyson

I JUST used the Provoke trick (Thanks h2m0n0xide and Intercepter)

Okay, so her single attack is magic based? So then Wardwood would be best for that, eh?

What about Stillness?

User Info: h2m0n0xide

9 years ago#10
You really don't need the Matrona. A fortify is enough, and Micaiah can use that since she's S levelled in staves. Stillness is a good one to use on a character that you don't want to get attacked. I usually stuck it on Sothe, as he's pretty useless, and the only reason I actually had him there was to support Micaiah.
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