Fire Emblem Maker / creator?

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User Info: Dark_Luna3

8 years ago#1
After just using RPGM3 for a while, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if there were a Fire Emblem maker / Creator? I think it would really work.

You could create your own characters, chapters, extra chapters with requirements, support conversations, story, the list goes on...

I seriously doubt IS would ever do something like this but if the series ever came to a close, they should make something like this.

It's really the only RPG out there where I could imagine this would work, probally best with the GBA style. Your thoughts?

I'd be so addicted.

User Info: ultraluigi777

8 years ago#2
Wow that would be freaking awesome!
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User Info: NoTruthNoProb

8 years ago#3
It would be amazing and not all that difficult to do either. By using the standard sprites for characters, along with color swaps like different color armor, horses, pegsi, wyverns etc, it would be easy enough to make the change without taking up too much space on a disc. For portraits, maybe 40 unique faces (half male, half female) and 20 or so hair styles each with say 8 or so color variations like red hair, blue hair, brown hair, blond hair etc to make that part look unique as well. The stats, percentages and everything shouldn't be that bad considering how easily one can hack a character in the GBA games so that should still be completely doable.

Really the only thing that would take up a lot of space is the scenario and map creation feature. But really, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to create a group of 10 or so FE characters and make your own little adventure for them? Maybe a part that FE's war, or maybe something completely separate that you made yourself. Of course, I'd hope for some online availability so everyone could share their maps and scenarios with others, but that's just me.

As far as supports and storyline goes though, it would be difficult to somehow type up everything using even the Wii considering the lack of key board so that might be a bit of a problem. But then again, you can't have everything... although it would be nice to have the characters you created have actual supports together so other people could read them and make them appear to be a little more 'real'. Oh well, here's to hoping that IS developers like to use web spiders and read what all their beloved fans want in a new game. After all, FE4 gave us pairings with children, SS gave us branching promotions (I think), RD gave us 3rd tier units and FE on the DS did give us the ability to switch base classes. Now all we need is to be able to create our own and make our own FE adventures and we'll be set! Come on IS, make us completely happy and give us the ability to do your jobs ourselves! Heck we'd probably even be ok if we had to download the extra player made 'chapters' from your website at a small price (2 or 3 bucks each) as long as the gameplay stuck.
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User Info: Valex22

8 years ago#4

Basically no progress is being made on it though :-(
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User Info: tiger002

8 years ago#5
I have been thinking the same thing for a while. It woudl be alot of fun to have a template or something like that
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User Info: Jabroni2000

8 years ago#6
It would be great, but it'd prolly only appeal to a very nice market. Fire Emblem fans first off are pretty niche, and then even out of them prolly only a small percentage would be into it. I know I'd love it though, and it doesn't seem that hard to do.
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User Info: Segmented Odin

Segmented Odin
8 years ago#7
Maybe we could get to see all those FE-haters get to make the story soooo much better than they say it is. Scratch that, I doubt they have the patience.
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User Info: atreyu14

8 years ago#8
That would be really great! There could finally be a theif as the main character!
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User Info: Scout_Taron

8 years ago#9
I'd be willing to make a list/ letter of such of options for a game creator and mailing it to IS. >>
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User Info: A_bene_placito

8 years ago#10
There's always Wesnoth... Hex grid instead of square grid, but it's fairly similar except for that... ;-)
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