Fastest baseball pitch?

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User Info: greywolf1982

9 years ago#1
I can't seem to beat 93 on a fastball - any tips? Or is that the maximum speed for a throw?
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User Info: xokitty

9 years ago#2
the maximum is 94, at least i'm pretty sure. if you flick your wrist, that seems to work better than doing a realistic pitch.

User Info: GamingKing912

9 years ago#3
the fastest pitch i had was 95mph

User Info: joeygerald805

9 years ago#4
Well the computer can pitch it at over 100 mph, so I'm guessing it's at least possible for a human to throw that fast. I believe my highest was either 95 or 96 though.
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User Info: caiserman

9 years ago#5
its actually preety easy to throw a 153 mph ..... all you have to do is practise flicking the wii remote very fast with your hand right at the end of your swing ..... its not about how fast you move, its about how fast you pass the wii sensor ;-)
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User Info: sequeezey

9 years ago#6
are you sure? because you can be throwing from another room and it will still work.

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User Info: Honorarius

9 years ago#7
No, he isn't sure... The accelerometer in the Wiimote is used to detect the pitching motion, not the optical sensor...

User Info: Socca_Playa_04

9 years ago#8
95 mph for me

User Info: Socca_Playa_04

9 years ago#9
95 mph for me, flicking the wrist is how I got it.. although I've only gotten it once

User Info: Honorarius

9 years ago#10
Actually, Caiserman doesn't know the difference between KPH and MPH... 95 MPH = 153 KPH...

And again, it IS about how fast you move it, NOT about how fast it goes past the sensor...
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