Harvest Moon makes me depressed.

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User Info: Solarman98

9 years ago#11
i know how that is but i got over it the more i got to know the girl

User Info: DarkBlade2

9 years ago#12
I can talk to girls just fine. It's just girls that I like I get choked up and don't act normal towards them. In a word, it's "awkward"

That's what I meant.
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User Info: marik2004

9 years ago#13
first be her friend...and then.......ask..for..more =)...........dont worry...at..least if she says..no.....at least.you have a friend.....so...dont worry..about it

User Info: Ferarri619

9 years ago#14
Hey Perfect chaos! I recognize you from PotD.

Anyways, play Persona 3. It'll teach you everything you need to know about dating. >_>
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User Info: worldlygrub2

9 years ago#15
This topic makes me a little less depressed... Not the only "awkward" guy :)
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User Info: i_am_a_banana5

9 years ago#16
I´m one of those "awkward" feeling guys too only thing that sucks is that the girl I like likes me back and i just can´t do anything about it cause something makes me feel weird inside -_-
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User Info: animekitsune

9 years ago#17
Lots of girls, myself included, think it's cute when guys are awkward. You're probably doing something else wrong.
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User Info: kdg0189

9 years ago#18
^^ I agree. I think it's cute and adorable when a guy is a little awkward and shy. It's a lot better than a guy being straight forward and trying to get in a girl's pants. I'd much rather have a guy that's shy and takes his time getting to know me rather than rushing into things.

User Info: NurseFin

9 years ago#19
Ooooh, I don't think it's cute at all, it's one of the biggest turnoffs ever. xD But that's just me I guess.

User Info: Rift

9 years ago#20
Wow, I don't even say anything in this topic and everybody's depressed and humiliated? I think that's a first on this board.

Way to go!
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